Quake Wars on youtube and twitch

(Randolf) #1

Just wanted to post small list of recently active channels which upload Quake Wars content, this list will be updated.
I know we already have topics about twitch and youtube however some of this channels were not mentioned before and little advertisment doesn’t hurt :blush:

Pliscin-7 a bit lazy recently, hopefully gonna upload more soon, gameplay with commentary, streams, tutorial and fragmovies
Kloud a lot of gameplay, sometimes with commentary, quality sniper fragmovies
MissLarx uploading regulary vanilla gameplay aswell as TAW events, a lot of content
Randolf VODs VODs from twitch with small edits, mostly TAW events, gameplay with commentary
Randolf Highlights highlights from twitch, possibly more edited videos

Rey619 streaming mostly pubg, however he did few QW streams in past
BulletStopper streaming every NA TAW event

(REA987) #2

Thanks for posting those!

Rey619 has also a YouTube channel but he posted an ETQW video for the first time ever just couple days ago.

It would be much better if every Quake Wars streamer retroactively categorize their ETQW videos as Enemy Territory: Quake Wars that makes finding them much easier.

(REA987) #3


I have formed a new YouTube channel to publish Quake Wars videos. My intention is to reupload BulletStopper’s Twitch VODs for TAW NA events with his explicit permission.

Feel free to point me any other allowed content to upload please. Cheers!