Quake Units = X Feet

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San someone please tell me how many feet is equal to one quakeunit or how many quake units is equal to one feet. Either answer will do as I can figure out the conversion if you could supply one. If someone has the exact answer it would be very much appreciated.

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You also need to say what game you are talking about. If I remember right, ET:QW continues the 1 game unit == 1 inch system from RTCW and ET, but other quake games are different.

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I was referring to rtcw and et. In rtcw I once read an articled that asserted that it was about 1 quake unit per 5 feet. Way off compared to the numbers you have. One unit = 1 pixel. Doesn’t seem right because when you use for example cg_coronafardist and set it to like 10, you can see the coronas start at about 10 feet away.

Am I wrong or confused, or is there something else I’m missing?

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The justification for one unit = one inch is that the player is 72 units tall. Various people involved in making the games have confirmed this. Note that if you build with realistic dimensions at this scale, it feels very cramped, even though it looks roughly right in 3rd person. Real humans aren’t an inflexible 72x38 inch box :smiley:

Pixels per unit depends on the texture scale, which defaults to 0.5 in RTCW and ET.

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the first post you said 1 qu = 1 inch
the second post you said 1 qu = 1/2 inch default
which is right?

I appreciate you helping reyalp, you have always been a great benefit to the et community, and this question really interests me so thanks in advance for you answer.

You might need to know why I ask, I am not building a map right now, I am asking because I am writing a program using the quake definitions but I need to know the values as close as you can possibly get, doesn’t have to be perfectly accurate, but atleast, as close as you can get. I read the article that was posted but that wasn’t much of a help.

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the first post you said 1 qu = 1 inch
the second post you said 1 qu = 1/2 inch default
No I didn’t. Pixels aren’t game units.

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But like I said, this is et-beach of which I have seen coronas on in the past. Can you please name a map that has coronas? It might have been mp_beach and not et_beach now that I think of it.

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Gold rush :slight_smile:

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I’m really sorry for digging up this old thread, but when it comes to how many game units are how many feet, nobody knows for sure. Is somebody out there who can tell me how many ET game units are how many feet/inches/metres whatever? Thanks in advance.

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feet/inches/metres are PHYSICAL measurement that are used in real life, this thread makes no sense at all.

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Check door height, what is normal door height? convert xD

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according to q3 shader manual it is like the old wolfenstein where 64 units equals 8 feet (128=16)

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It doesn’t matter anyway, if you scale things to the real world it just wont work, the first person camera isn’t where eyes would be, you run at 90mph and can jump 3m. (exaggerated)