Quake Champions has Quake Wars' Railgun skin

(REA987) #1

Well, that’s quite interesting.

Last night, I was watching Quake Champions - World Championships NA Regionals on Twitch; a frame struck me; the Railgun skin. As some of you might aware, Quake Champions has weapon and character skins can be earned or purchased. Default Railgun skin of the game has no resemblance to previous titles;


But the skin that I have seen during the match was entirely different; at first glance it reminded me Quake II’s Railgun but no; it is literally taken from Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Quake Champions’ optional Railgun skin:


Enemy Territory Quake Wars’ Railgun:


It is good to see Bethesda at least acknowledges the existence of ETQW. That’s something… :infiltrator:

(Faraleth) #2

The skin you are referring to is the Quake 2 railgun - ETQW’s railgun built on top of what Quake 2’s railgun was, but obviously graphical fidelity had advanced since the Q2 days to they could add more detail and components to the gun.

It’s just design evolution, but a nice throw-back as a skin for sure. :slight_smile:

(REA987) #3

I do not know the name of Quake Champions’ purchasable Railgun skin but it is obviously ETQW Railgun. I have just prepared a comparison which points 6 details;

Comparing to Quake Wars Railgun, Quake II Railgun seems primitive and lacks many details. That’s the dilemma of prequels; the later game looks way modern than the original which undermines the lore to some extend. :tongue:

Edit: Just checked; yeah, they call it Quake 2 Railgun despite the fact it is Quake Wars Railgun



(Faraleth) #4

What I meant was, the ETQW railgun is a higher detail “re-imagining”/recreation of the Quake 2 railgun. So it’s likely the artists for Quake Champions looked at the ETQW railgun when trying to recreated the Q2 railgun in higher detail :wink:

EDIT: In regards to the Q2 railgun look being primitive - that was solely down to limitations of the engine, poly-count limits and texture file-size limitations at the time. The overall vision was probably more detailed, which is something they were able to improve upon in ETQW after 10 years of hardware and software improvements :stuck_out_tongue: