Quake Champions adopted yet another Quake Wars asset; Flyer Drone

(REA987) #1

Yeap, that’s the news. Latest Quake Champions introduced a new champion(s), Strogg & Peeker who are basically Strogg Infiltrator with Strogg Oppressor wings and a fancy drone. To be honest, That Strogg seems more like some sort of unholy hybrid of Strogg Infiltrator and Skaarj from Unreal than Infiltrator + Oppressor.



(Nerwitz) #2

That does indeed look mediocre; no real QW guns thrown in the mix to make for Strogg hero either. Typical “I got the looks right enough”, I don’t like eSports and I’ll probably pass on that game. Maybe when “Doomguy” appears in the game, I’d give it a single chance. Quake Live I think could still fare better.

(Randolf) #3

I got good news for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewN0Fuw6uaY

(Nerwitz) #4

Looks like I missed that, Randolf. Am still reluctant on trying an Early Access game however, disappointment is big in there. I may wait until it lands completed.