Proxy literally existing

(ImagineMyShock) #1

Can someone explain to me, in a game where fast paced combat and smart usage of unique skills are emphasized to the point where it becomes funny, a character like Proxy can exist at all? She rewards dumbed down gameplay where you literally throw down a mine, run away, and have fun with that free kill xp that you get every 30 seconds. Oh and that mine that just blew up on someone? No worries, you can just throw down another one in a spot thats just as close and have ANOTHER free kill. Isn’t it great that a character that is all about skillful aiming and manually setting off your own traps (Fletcher) does less damage most of the time than a zero risk-100% reward character like Proxy?

In my opinion, Proxy’s mines should slowly charge up to their maximum damage point, making her a class that rewards pre-planning and thinking about where to place your mines and minimizing the amount of kamikaze Proxy’s that casual and ranked alike.

(dusannfs) #2

Lol that rant. Yeah noob merc, no skill gameplay etc. You get used to it after 500+ hours. Though I like the idea of charging up, seems more balanced and thought trough.

(GatoCommodore) #3


okay then, question…
how many hours you have put into the game?

because last time i played you can jump over, shoot, explode it through wall
and on the last patch the AoE is nerfed.
it also emits a loud sound and has a very bright color.

you have to be blind, deaf or both to not be able to spot those consisently

the Proxy mine is only good against noobies, useless against decent player.
you know an ability is sh*t when the counter is just being careful and move backwards when you spot one.

if you want to find a truly broken ability its gotta be Fragger, Fletcher and Arty
Fragger dont give you time to react at all if he already knows where you are and fletcher balls has 75 dmg and you have 3 of those to spam.

Arty is on another level of god-hood
you know javelin can instakill a 120hp guy if she gets a line of sight?
Arty can instakill-gib rhino without even having a line of sight and he can do it twice every 40 sec.

(Wintergreen) #4

Proxy is, like, literally Hitler.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #5

Are you deaf? The mines make noise, they even have led lights on them.

(Your worst knifemare.) #6

Yes Proxy sucks, but she’s nowhere as spammy as Nader or Arty.

(ImagineMyShock) #7

@GatoCommodore “Sticky Grenades allow him to set elaborate explosive traps.” thats a quote from the IN GAME merc overview, continue on about how Fletcher and traps are so funny?

As for my hours? Steam says I have 374, but I could’ve gone AFK on the menu screen once or twice so some of those hours could just be menu screen.

Can you Proxy defenders stop using the same shitty excuse as to why she isn’t a dumb spammy character that really shouldn’t have a place in the DB cast? Fast paced gameplay, constant gunshots, explosions and other noises going off literally all around you, and if the Proxy you’re versing has half a brain (unlikely, most Proxy players are as dumb as they come) she’ll place her mines near the objective or near the frontline to try and slow down an enemy push which makes it nearly impossible to hear the so called “loud sound” and see the “flashing light”, yep, let me just stop and check each and every corner and doorway for the “flashing LED” before I step through it, thats totally a great way to keep the flow of combat going. If you’d read my whole post, you’d see that I suggested a way to stop the kamikaze Proxy playstyle by making her mines charge up within say a 30-40 second range until they do the full 180 damage so that spam happy Proxy’s would have to find a new ‘spammy’ class to play and the players who actually enjoy Proxy for her skills would adapt and learn to pre-plan and think ahead to place traps.

Fragger takes skill to try count down and lead your grenade to give the enemy a small window of space to react, Arty requires you to lead your target or pray to god that the enemy team stays still long enough for your strike to drop on their heads and Fletcher requires you to stay alive while you YEET your stickies onto them and then also stay live long enough for the detonation animation to play through fully.


Simply put fletcher is an overspecialized dick that completely destroys defensive positions and has objective specialist.

Meanwhile he is less capable at defending positions than any other engineer, even with his sticky spam.

(Da_Mummy) #9

I could spice a whole soup with that salt geez.
Sorry but you can’t tell me that a beeping glowing dinner plate on the floor is invisible.
Even though I like the idea of ramp up, just don’t post something out of rage without any kind of neutrality to the topic.

(Guziol) #10

Proxy is the queen of pubs. Any other serious setting and she is the worst engineer. Kind of just like shotguns. And she uses mostly shotguns. It’s probably my favourite engi but i can see why people are frustrated. Mine throw -> shoot it to explode is fucking stupid ( even though i have to use it a lot to stay “competetive” ) and it should go away, if she needs buffs after so be it. Other than that just pay more attention, it’s really not that hard.

(ImagineMyShock) #11

@Da_Mummy again, if the Proxy has half a brain then she’ll place them in random locations near the frontline to slow down a push or an attempted push by thinning the numbers before they meet the main group of defenders. If you’re at the frontline with all the shit going on around you then it’s fairly hard to hear the beeping noise or check the doorway for the mine before rushing through if they’re enemies on the other side.

(GatoCommodore) #12


youre having bad case of learn-2-play-ism
i suggest you take a dose of “Play more” to cure it.

i had these conversation regarding proxy with too many noobs already

(ImagineMyShock) #13

@GatoCommodore So basically this is what you’re saying? “I don’t want to refute any of your point and attribute my shit arguing to your lack of hours in game, I win because I told you to git gud.” Fuck off, tard.

(XSheepieX) #14

There is some skill in the placement of mines. If you know where to put them, you’ll get more kills.

Besides Proxy is likely the worst merc in the game because her ability is trash and her HP is tiny.

If they did what you’re suggesting (she’s already been nerfed for some reason), she’d actually definitely be the worst merc in the game. Proxy needs buffs so you can’t just suggest changes because you find her irritating. Especially ones that would nerf her into the ground. Otherwise Proxy can take Phantom’s spot as the DB laughing stock.

Though if Proxy mines worked something like Symmetra sentry turrets… I could maybe see that working. Though I don’t think you’d be able to call them mines anymore…

(GatoCommodore) #15

@ImagineMyShock said:
@GatoCommodore So basically this is what you’re saying? “I don’t want to refute any of your point and attribute my @$!# arguing to your lack of hours in game, I win because I told you to git gud.” @$!# off, tard.

not my fault that you have a short attention span that you cant spot a proxy mine in usual mine locations

lurk in the forum moar
i am not obliged to spoon fed you everything

(ImagineMyShock) #16

@GatoCommodore You’re not refuting or trying to tell me why my points are wrong, this argument is over, thanks for confirming that you’re just as braindead as I thought :^)

(Da_Mummy) #17

Alright this went from a halfway decent merc discussion to a purely subjective Insultparty.
Just get your point straight and stop beeing an idiot.

(TheStrangerous) #18

They wanted Fletcher’s stickies to be TF2’s Scottish Resistance, however they got outperformed by mines.

(ImagineMyShock) #19

@Da_Mummy As much as point fingers is childish, I’m going to point out that I’m trying to give actual reasons as to why Proxy should be changed or nerfed, Gato seems to busy trying to defend his ez free kill main to actually dispute points and explain why I’m wrong.

(watsyurdeal) #20

People complaining about Proxy while Rhino is a thing.

Fuck Rhino