(MissMurder) #1

For this weekend, starting at 17:00 UTC, Friday, July 17th and ending 17:00 UTC, Monday, July 20th, the prototype game mode Execution will be available for play in marked Dirty Bomb servers, with its original Overground map. This mode is designed to be a good jumping on point for Dirty Bomb, bringing in a familiar style of gameplay, but maintaining Dirty Bomb’s unique flair.

Event Duration:
-London (BST, UTC +1:00): 18:00, Friday, July 17th - 18:00, Monday, July 20th

-Los Angeles (PDT, UTC -7:00): 10:00 AM, Friday, July 17th - 10:00 AM, Monday, July 20th

-Sydney (AEST, UTC +10:00): 3:00 AM, Saturday, July 18th - 3:00 AM, Tuesday, July 21st

About Prototype Showcase
Dirty Bomb will always have something new in development, and whether it’s a new map, mode, or something else there’s no replacement for the kind of feedback that our players can provide. As such, we will occasionally give limited sneak peeks of upcoming content in its prototype state, in order to ensure that it is of the highest possible quality when it is fully released.

Please remember that these features are in a prototype state. While everything should be playable and largely functional, there will be bugs, there will be imbalances, and there will be parts that are clearly unfinished. For this test, Execution Mode’s only map is in a Blockout status, using placeholder textures instead of full ones, and we are looking forward to what you think of this very different way to play Dirty Bomb, so please experiment and try out bizarre strategies.

About Execution Mode

In Execution Mode, teams are trying to win the most out of 12 rounds. To win a round the attacking team needs to eliminate all enemy players or bomb one of the objectives; for the defenders to win the round, they have to stop them.

Execution Mode is played out over 12 rounds, first to win seven wins the match. In each round, the Attacking team is tasked with planting and defending C4 at one of two bomb sites, while the defenders must stop them from doing so, be it through defusing planted C4, or just killing anyone that tries to plant a bomb.

For more info on the mode such as win/lose conditions, click here!


Any changes since the last time?

(Dwu) #3

I’m curious why you aren’t running test weekends to test fixes, tweaks and additions for existing content before you try to introduce more content (bugs) into the game. Matchmaking for the sake of an example is and has been a huge pile of sh…, erm, bugs since its release. Including but not limited to lobbies failing half the time & teams seemingly being absolutely random with rankings & premade stacks sizes meaning nothing. That being said, sadly matchmaking isn’t even the only issue out there currently.

Don’t get me wrong, the frequent updates and tests are nice, just that their target doesn’t seem to be on spot as it is now. I’d rather spend a weekend testing reworked artillery on Arty and give feedback about that than play a prototype of a new map & gamemode. Considering how you have all fancy Echo statistics as well, why aren’t you running balance tweak test weekends as well to test the adjustments on a wider scale before they’re permanently put in the game.

(powi_) #4

I feel like the game would be a lot more popular with the matchmaking system working good.

Maybe their servers couldnt handle the load :smiley: seriously i cant think anything else why they didnt fix that bug for months now.


According to shoe. the mismatch problem is ‘hard to reproduce’

(Aazhyd) #6

I like this a lot, will definitely try it!

(eerieSpire) #7

Looking forward to it. Btw. I have a aura and skyhammer alienware card! Contact my steam for info on how to get them! My steam is Chooch1353


Why not just post the link, nobody wants to add random strangers.

(fubar) #9

Why not just post the link, nobody wants to add random strangers.[/quote]

How else is he going to get the attention he so desperately craves for?

(umberEtiquette) #10

Pretty fun gamemode but the non textured map gave me cancer

(momohedge) #11

Where should we leave our feedback on the game mode?

(wittyChicken) #12

Really need to fix the announcer. Unless he is just extremely sarcastic.
Lose 1-7. “Comprehensive victory. GOOD WORK”

(magenticStyle) #13

OMG THIS GAME MODE IS AWESOME PUT IT IN AND NEVER GET IT OUT <3 (just made a account to say this)

(Nerotep) #14

Any word on when you plan to leave Execution mode up for good?

(MissMurder) #15

@Nerotep I think we can definitely expect it in before winter but won’t know for sure for a little while.

(XavienX) #16

Overground is my fav map!

(DemonlordHUN) #17

Overground is a very good map,especially for this gamemode,but I would like to see an “extended” version of it for stopwatch or objective.
My suggestion with the game mode is that you should be able to see on your minimap and/or your HUD wich objective is wich… I mean not just the regular yellow hexagon or something but the letter inside it.
the voice says “they planted C! on objective B” for exsample but a new player wont know where to go. I know it’s written on the walls but sometimes you might just not be able to find out where the marks are or where you are. it would be a bit better I think.
I really enjoy the new gamemode by the way. It’s very exciting and there’s always a little frustration if I can live trough the round or we can handle the situation as a team and I love it!
Have a nice day!

(Osl112) #18

I suppose here is as good a place as any…

My first impressions are mixed. I certainly like the map due to having plenty of ways of flanking and sniping across various viewpoints. I haven’t found one particular area to be overly powerful and I suppose either I haven’t found it yet or that this is testament to your good map design.

There is a but though. And that but is that I can’t say I’m that much of a fan of the game mode. For me, this kind of tactical, CSGO-esque game mode contradicts some of what I feel Dirty Bomb should be about. The extremely fast-paced and exciting periods of play which are so common seem to be much fewer in Execution and I certainly miss them. To me, execution fizzles - I’ve certainly experienced some rather good passages of play in the short time that it has been up to test but for most the time, it seems slow and just a little bit flat. It loses a bit of Dirty Bomb’s charm for me. Not the explosive gameplay that objective or stopwatch provides, for sure.

I’ll play a bit more to see if I get into it more. But to me - it doesn’t feel like Dirty Bomb. It doesn’t fill that explosive action-filled frenzy that I’ve come to expect from the game… it just feels flat most of the time.

Just my first impressions. This doesn’t mean that I don’t think it is a welcome addition; I appreciate it but execution just isn’t for me. It probably doesn’t help too much that I don’t have a lot of patience!

(indigoKeep) #19

Hey! :smile: I find this is quite a fun, fast-paced gamemode that will be welcomed gladly into Dirty Bomb overall, it’s quite entertaining!

I mean, there is a few things, some of the windows are a bit glitchy and can be used to abuse positions for one, I also think this map is quite attacker based, you can easily flank any enemy and wipe them out, I think Ammo boxes and more cover on site could be added to give them more of a chance.

But there isn’t much more to say, this is a really fun map/gamemode and I hope it gets introduced into competitive!

I was also thinking banning 1 merc could be an option for future comp matches? or would it be a bit too much?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(magnanimousHat) #20

Why does this mode exist. get rid of it. if I want to play CS. I will play CS. I don’t want servers to lack players because they are playing counter strike via Dirty bomb