(Eugeny) #1

My first 2 maps that I put in the network.

Download Project-X

Please report on the shortcomings in the map.

(ronboy) #2

Hello Eugeny. How big is the map or maps? My comp can’t handle big mappacks like Project 51.

(Eugeny) #3

Hello ronboy. These are 2 small maps. To the Project 51 relations has no.

(ronboy) #4

Eugeny, it’s not in pk3 format. What’s the name of the first map?

(Nail) #5

it’s in 7 Zip format

(Eugeny) #6

ronboy, name of the first map Tomb1

(Berzerkr) #7

A few textures are missing, but playable.
If you release a second version, please pack the textures into the same pk3 as the maps and add a readme wich explains where to extract the content and how to start the mission.

@ ronboy: - It’s freeware.

(ronboy) #8

Hello Eugeny. The maps were cool, but had some errors. There are some harsh shadows in some places. The textures on some of the doors in the tomb needed to be fixed. I know project x will be awesome once all of the errors are gone. Keep up the good work! :infiltrator:
EDIT: Found more errors: In xlab1, there are some missing textures, the elevator goes through the floor when it reaches the bottom, the flak jacket that is supposed to be hanging on the wall is sticking through the floor. Don’t worry, my previous work Hell_mappack and fatal freight station had many errors too.

(Eugeny) #9

Hello ronboy. Thanks for support.

I have started to do these maps in 2005. But and has not completed. In parallel did other projects.
In 2007 has left in army, one month ago has returned and has rectified some errors.

I hope all the same I will finish them, and also I will continue.

(ronboy) #10

Will you be posting project x on rtcw files on filefront? I’m sure there’s a bunch of people that don’t even know about project x. There are plenty of rtcw sp maps there.

(Eugeny) #11

Can be. I will rectify some errors, I will add missions. You consider as good idea to lay out there my project?

(vicpas) #12

Hello Eugeny.
One suggestion:
Post your first releaseds as Beta version on Network for some testers point the errors.
After you correct the errors, you can post it or them as 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc…
The Final version can be posted after correct all problems and errors.

(ronboy) #13

What Vicpas said. After most of the errors are gone, project x can be released as a beta. :infiltrator:

(Eugeny) #14

Today I will work over the main menu.

(Eugeny) #15

Today has opened a resource devoted to this project.Official site of Project-X

(ronboy) #16

:cool: Will project x be only two maps long, or will it have more than two maps?

(Eugeny) #17

In the project will be at least three maps.

(ronboy) #18

When will projcet x be finished?

(Eugeny) #19

Probably it is not fast.

(Eugeny) #20

On a official site it is possible to look at full-size pictures.