Programs That Will Get you Flagged/Banned

(MissMurder) #1

Hello All,
This post is to let you know some of the more common things that are seen and flagged. Please make sure you do not have these when playing Dirty Bomb.

  1. Cheat Engine
  2. “Injector” type programs
  3. Sandboxie
  4. Most Macro Programs and Autoclickers

Thank you and happy fragging!

(Chirs) #2

Thanks for the list. Can I check if it’ll pick up the Profile Editor for my R.A.T. 7, please? I have a few keys programmed so that I can use some of the extra buttons and scroller on the mouse that are macro’ed to keys.

(MissMurder) #3

Hey @Calico! Have you had any issues before with the anticheat and this?

(_Sniff_) #4

My logitech keyboard has macro keys. I like to set them to various taunts. Is that banned as well or just something better off not doing?

(Daltcore) #5

I highly doubt it mate, I think when “macro programs” are mentioned this is more or less referring to programs like AHK.

(Gaspoline) #6

what about anti virus programs?

(MissMurder) #7

@diabolicalKeyboard those are fine :slight_smile: @Sniff you should be fine

(Chirs) #8

Not sure, I did get kicked out of the game back to desktop (I can’t remember when, sorry… over a week ago, I think) and had a warning about a third-party app being detected/conflicting with the game, but I can’t recall whether it was after I installed the profile editor or not, though.

I have some old nerve and tendon damage so it’s useful to load up my mouse for some keys.

(_Sniff_) #9

I highly doubt it mate, I think when “macro programs” are mentioned this is more or less referring to programs like AHK.[/quote]
I would rather ask a stupid question than suffer the consequences of it getting me banned!

(MissMurder) #10

Thanks @Sniff Definitely better to be safe. I do think it’s safest to not use macros period but mapping things to different keys is different.

(Nail) #11

good chance macros will be flagged as cheats

(Pekingente) #12

So, macros from your mouse or keyboards software with specific arrays might lead to a ban. Got that right so for?

(Nail) #13


(titaniumCrouton) #14

Why is sandboxi bannable? o_o. It’s like my goto “make sure what i just downloaded is safe” option.

(Daltcore) #15

My guess is so you can’t run multiple games at one time?

(tanJug) #16

first time on these forums, bought the game thismorning. Wish I knew this was a thing on the steam forums/announcements. I had cheatengine on my pc for my single player games. I removed it, hopefully it wont be an issue. Been playing all morning with it installed on my pc.

(tanJug) #17

hopefully this won’t be a problem, this should be on the steam forums/announcements a bit more clearer… First time on these forums, been playing the game all morning with cheat engine installed on my pc which i use for single player stuff.

(scrumptiousJive) #18

my autoclicker starts when I start up my pc, I keep having to restart game and quit the autoclicker lol, thank got it just quits the game with an error instead of banning me

(petiteUndertow) #19

As a long-time user of Netlimiter due to having internet connections that get horrible when saturated, I was very annoyed with Dirty Bomb right off the bat.

However, I can appreciate (as compared to punkbuster) that a list of disallowed programs is posted publicly.

I would very much rather that (like punkbuster) Netlimiter not be a disallowed program - and before I get random players telling me why it shouldn’t be allowed, I know how it is misused. I also know that Dirty Bomb is a small enough game to do serverside movement and hit verification, which eliminates the nefarious uses of Netlimiter entirely while also mitigating many other common cheating methods.

Without Netlimiter, any accidental traffic - application or system updates are a prime example - are likely to make my connection quality horrible. I would love to move to a ISP with better connection qualities, but I have the best in my area, as do a handful of my friends. I think it is a poor anti-cheat bandaid and a unfair one at that.

That said, if you are also a user of Netlimiter for legitimate reasons, it seems that you can stop the service (Via window’s service manager) and exit the NL Client, and you will be able to play dirty bomb without uninstalling the whole program. Afterwords, you can start it from the same location.

(Ghosthree3) #20

Will AHK get picked up even if it never interacts with the game? I have two scripts running that assist me in my day to day PC usage that have absolutely nothing to do with games.

Do you sniff for the autohotkey process in particular or just look for bizarre key input that looks like an autoclicker?

EDIT: Same for Sandboxxie, I have it installed and it tends to stay running because it starts on startup. But I never use it to launch the game.