Programmers of the World. We Want You!

(Matuno) #21

Heh, I can do a little bit of everything (programming included), but nothing well enough to justify soliciting. Well, sticking my nose in everything, but that’s why I’m on these forums to begin with.

Though, a suggestion if I may, focus on optimizing the performance of the titles you release. I hope DX12 may provide some relief.

I can’t help but to think that games like Brink, which were amazing and well thought-out, eventually flopped mainly due to the inability to compete in a game that performs so poorly on most midrange systems. Dirty Bomb I feel is suffering from the same problem. It’s such a shame that games are 99.9% complete, but are held back by that 0.1% of optimization issues.

(light_sh4v0r) #22

Dirty Bomb is a LOT better than Brink, believe me. I’m running DB on the same graphics card I was using for Brink and Brink was not playable, DB runs fine.

(LucyLu27) #23

Do you only have offices in London?

(RasteRayzeR) #24

Have a rock solid portfolio. SD loves people who can do more than just coding or 3D stuff… you have to have key elements in multiple fields to be a valuable guy. Be open, stay hungry and humble . Show you love new challenges and that you can work in a team. Works pretty much for all tech jobs

(Mustang) #25

Perfect requirements for a caek nommer.

(kaliven1989) #26

It’s real awesome!