Problems with Quake Wars

(CaliberWorkz) #1

My game CD stopped working (is probably scratched or something, the setup crashes every time) so i went online to look for a torrent.
The only one i found that wouldn’t take me 10 weeks was in Russian.
Does anyone know how to change the game’s language? I’ve tried “sys_lang english” and searched the whole internet for answers, but found nothing.

Another problem is, I don’t seem to have PunkBuster installed on QW.
I don’t have that upper left PB option when i enter the server list, and I can’t enter servers with PB.
I’ve installed PB but when asked to chose a game, QW is not on that list.

Any help would be appreciated.

(falloutdc) #2

Do you have “zpak_english***.pk4” in your etqw/base/ folder?
on the gameshortcut add +set sys_lang “english” or create autoexec.cfg in C:\USERS*USERNAME*\APPDATA\LOCAL\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\BASE\

(REA987) #3

For English version;

For PunkBuster:

(falloutdc) #4

I uploaded the language files to 4shared incase you allready download the game elswhere and only need the language files

(ressected) #5

Installing from an official retail ISO should give the option to install Punk Buster along side the game. However, Punk Buster hasn’t been updated for ETQW in years. Most of the servers that people play on anymore don’t use it.

(falloutdc) #6

You need punkbuster for Villa server
Found this link not sure how recent it is

(Pliscin-7) #7

if u cant get it fixed i have an option to download the game and i also have pb on my pc just hit me up! but also get ts so i can explain everything there easyer =)

(Runeforce) #8

Just a word of caution, installing PB (which by design is a black box trojan) that has not recieved security updates for almost a decade, is a serious security liabillity.

(edxot) #9

Not just that, because it’s not even doing what it was supposed to:
In my case it presents me false values in the end of maps.
Just confirmed it in a bot server. Some bot had most kills (8) and when I checked my value it stated 5. Then I went and made a condump to check it.
And in the dump there were 7 kills from me.

Wasn’t PB supposed to check the integrity of the game ?