"Post your screenshots" thread. Humor not required, but appreciated

(Wezelkrozum) #621

Gravity cancelling body bags. The future!

Fire in water? Seems legit

The mercs finally received the swimming animation update!

(Ashog) #622

ufff, even looking at these hurts :slight_smile:


Hmm, looking at this doesn’t hurt. I wonder why…:rolleyes:

(Ashog) #623

[QUOTE=Wezelkrozum;501007]Gravity cancelling body bags. The future!

ehm, wtf is that???!

Ahahahaaaa, this is epic! :smiley:
Swim for your life, biatchez!!! Looks very realistic, as if they all try to climb that container in order to not drown :slight_smile:

Maybe SD should make such a mode. Stacraft 2 has such SP mode where lava fills periodically almost the whole map so you have to watch the timer and collect all your units in safe hills every time between periods of normal activity :slight_smile:

(Violator) #624

[QUOTE=Ashog;501053]ehm, wtf is that???!

Floaty bag from the flood bug :).

(AssortedStuff) #625

Here is a video of the 2 floating body bags. I am surprised you never got that while playing :slight_smile:


(rookie1) #626

Spiderman ! :smiley:

(twincannon) #627

Damn I love the kill cam ghosts.

Crazy shotgun monster:

Another angle:

Graceful bullet dodging didn’t work:

Nor did the “help my legs are broken” technique:

(RasteRayzeR) #628

The Flying Valkyrie :smiley:


(Violator) #629

Wings over the world

Ode to Nader

Sock it to em J.P.

Can’t beat a bit of the ole LAUTUM DNALTUR

(Rex) #630

The defuse of my life! :cool:


(fzl) #631

here a little bit from my screenshot folder…

(Smooth) #632

New Merc.

(PixelTwitch) #633

lol smooth been covering the art department again? lol

(Mustang) #634

That’s a new one… :smiley:

(Humate) #635

:armadillo :

(PixelTwitch) #636

Saw many Saw Bonez

(Glottis-3D) #637


(abnorm) #638

stupid FPSCoderForce hax-developer from fpscoderforce.de

btw, didnt seen him the last days, is he banned? I hope so…

(spookify) #639



(Dormamu) #640

ToP SHooTA :smiley: