"Post your screenshots" thread. Humor not required, but appreciated

(Dormamu) #601


(RasteRayzeR) #602

I have no idea what I’m doing …

(Ashog) #603

You’re floatin’ in urinate, dude!

(Ashog) #604

Mortal Kombaaaaaaat! :slight_smile:

A worm welcome.

Teh 3rd eye kkkkill!

Just some good ol’ times multifrag when nades were still useful.

Faptime evribodi!

(Ashog) #605

Levitating ammo station.

Fair game? (I actually felt bad about this one). We were beating him for 20 minutes! j/k


(Ashog) #606

Who hanged the Proxy?

Some old good nades ages ago :frowning:

Some invisible mines by that bastard Rasterayzer! :slight_smile: He got 3 frags with this before we realized what was happening :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ashog) #607

Slaughter of an innocent pedestrian.

Some hot action here.

Camping attempt denied by a camper.

Infamous toy-car patch :slight_smile:

(Violator) #608

Mid air: 9001

(RasteRayzeR) #609

[QUOTE=Violator;494743]Mid air: 9001



(Ashog) #610

(Ashog) #611

Toomic as always sleeping.

Mhhh, nah, he’s just being creepy.

Canary lift broke down again. Pls some1 call a maintenance guy.

(RasteRayzeR) #612

Haters gonna hate, but that’s evil level over 9000. I will issue a full guide for mines planting one day

(RasteRayzeR) #613

Can’t wait to see this guy offer his insights on bugs in this game :smiley: (check the chat)

(Ashog) #614

hahahahhaa, hilarious :slight_smile:

well, actually iirc fps & ping had some tiny correlation, at least in idtechs :wink:

(Mustang) #615

com_lockPing “56”

(RasteRayzeR) #616

[QUOTE=Ashog;500079]hahahahhaa, hilarious :slight_smile:

well, actually iirc fps & ping had some tiny correlation, at least in idtechs ;)[/QUOTE]

Your argument is invalid:

(Mustang) #617

Fail, it’s either video card (as he said in-game) or graphics card (with an ‘s’)

(Ashog) #618

Some random frags: double martyrdom, pipebomb fireworks yoda-kill, triple airstrilke.

Bullet volleyball!

Shot in ze arse!

(Ashog) #619

With a small collision glitch in the wall, a turret would fire continuously at a person hiding near it, doing no damage. While trying this with Mr. Funk a turret got invisible for me (but not for Funk who didn’t believe me). Here’s a proof :wink:

Some frustrating death behind cover. Checked who this guy was - oh well, fine, a HPB with 140 ms.

(AssortedStuff) #620

I used to be a merc …until I got a bullet to the knee :frowning: