Possible to Release Model Files?

(Ange1of D4rkness) #1

So I know the topic above seems a little of a large request, but one I thought I would ask anyway.

Long story, story, a few years back I set me eyes on someday doing a Dirty Bomb cosplay (Proxy if you must know, she is my favorite character). Cut to current day, and the game is on its last legs. At the same time, I still see the Proxy cosplay few years out (time constraints right now).

With that being said by the time I start it, the game may have shut down and I will have lost the best resource to the character. I have been spamming screenshots, but to have actual models would be a lot better. So I can have scalable characters, with the proper looking firearms I could easily reference at any time (or possibly clean up and 3d print … for me).

Again I know this is a large request, but I thought I would ask because I personally would be VERY appreciative of something like this that could help me greatly in the future.

Thank You!

(Mc1412013) #2

And import them into garys mod and make cartoons out of them

(Moobabe) #3

I think we’ve spoken about this internally before – toying with various ideas – but my feeling is that it wasn’t a positive answer.

I can ask about for you, though.

(Ange1of D4rkness) #4

That would be greatly appreciated!

(Press E) #5

ik I’m kinda late but you can actually extract them yourself, and as long as you’re just doing it for your own personal enjoyment it shouldn’t be any more of an issue than what people have already done. I think I even remember SD posting a ripped merc render on their instagram a while ago.

Check out this thread, it has a few models extracted already and instructions for extracting even more:

(3D Printer & Splash Fanatic) #6

Hey Ange1ofD4rkness.

I’ve been 3D-printing things from Dirty Bomb for quite some time now, and a few of my prints litter the offices at SD HQ.

If you need anything printed, hit me up here or on Twitter and I’ll see if I can help. I have a few of the models that I’ve ripped myself, and some that NevecEX gave to the community.

(Press E) #8

Now that I think about it, I do hope we get some models for some of the unreleased dirty bomb content. I know ember’s pistol had a finished model from the art station, and it looks absolutely awesome

(Ange1of D4rkness) #9

I would do this, but I have never found a good guide for it. But let me check this out and see what I can find

(Ange1of D4rkness) #10

Thank you for the offer Andarne.

I’ve actually got the 3D printer part covered though (rocking my Taz 6 and Mini, with the Taz now using the new SL head). However, I have to ask, are you cleaning up the model files? Since I assume they are low poly

(3D Printer & Splash Fanatic) #11

Beyond some simple cleanup, no. The models are low-poly, as they’re game-rips.

I did receive some high-poly models from shoe way back when, when I was doing some prints for Splash Damage. However, I’m not allowed to distribute them.

I began making my own models from the game for my Etsy store, since SD allows me to sell 3D-printed DB merch.

Nice! I’m running the Prusa i3 Mk3 with the MMU2 upgrade, and a new Anycubic Photon resin DLP. Printed off a Proxy on the Photon and the detail is amazing!