Please help

(Noob818) #1

Hi guys, I haven’t played this game in a decade, got a fancy new pc with all the best hardware etc. I just finished replaying RTCW now Im ready to play online. When I try to connect to servers 1 of 2 things happens. Either it starts downloading files then immediately disconnects, game crashes and internet browser opens connecting me to various websites depending on the server. OR the files wont download at all and its stuck in the connecting/file download screen.

cs_allowdownload is on 1 (activated) I am using the 2.60b version of the game downloaded directly from the official website. I tried selecting CABLE and MODEM in the option menu and tried 800x600 and the high quality option as well. The computer is brand new from ibuypowerpc with the RTX 2080 Ti, i9-9900kf, etc etc, I don’t understand why I cant connect to a server?

I appreciate your help, thank you!!