(twt_thunder) #361

I still don’t have website and my code is located on GitLab :)[/QUOTE]

you are very welcome to join us at thewolfteam and get your own mod forum there :slight_smile:

(Dushan) #362

Who want experimental build before I make source free, post or send me PM :slight_smile:

EDIT: Some photos

Spot lights

Console :slight_smile:

Bump mapping

Parallax mapping



(Dushan) #363

One of the many reasons why I broke compatibility with stock ET mods :slight_smile:


I hope that you like it :slight_smile:

(Eugeny) #364

WOW!!! This is cool!!!

(Dushan) #365

Thank you :slight_smile: I will contact you if something change in future. At this time I am happy like this

Thank you very much

Added one new photo

(RaFaL) #366

Hi guys I will not let you how I get the code this will be my sweet secret “Bribed Dushan with a cookie” oops

So Lets do fast review:
I played and tested some features that wanted to get my hands on, not all of them. So far I am impressed with a work that Dushan did and scared, I will tell you later why. At this moment his renderer/game has some bugs that needs to be fixed, like no skybox on DX10 or screw up player shadows and no skybox either. Fortunatelly shadows works on DX9 with some glitches. For some reasons there are features that aren’t working for me like:
Parralax - no effect
Bump - Texture is flat no effect

Also there was 1 feature that got my attention: moving objects or death players models on map (to be honest I am sceptic about this one)
And thats all what I wanted to say I suppose

I am almost forgot its time to tell why I am scared. Currently there is 1 project running its called ET:L that got some fans exited also Dushan’s Project got some new attention he showed his latest progress ( his goal from what I have seen its to make ET more modern looking game up to date which is great ) and there is part when it gets scary for me “Why do we have to have 2 seperate projects this may destroy us both or 1 will survive ?” Shouldn’t we work together in 1 Project I think Names will mean nothing here ?

Ok I am done I have nothing else to say for now
Please use your brain here

(Dragonji) #367

RaFaL, both projects have different visions, ET:L wants to be a replacement for old, buggy and badly optimized ET 2.60b, OpenWolf is a one man project that aims to provide features that others can use, it’s not meant to be a playable game (at least it never was until now). OW might be a good start for new games such as Unvanquished, yet it’s buggy and unfinished so it needs a lot of attention and polishing. ET:L is a completely different world, it aims to provide a playable, optimized and fixed ET 2.60b.

(CthePredatorG) #368

I agree! Both projects have their own purpose!

(Dushan) #369

Little info :slight_smile:
Experimental support for touchscreen :slight_smile:

Yes I know, user input is disaster and controls are weird so much that nobody can explain it
It is weird on so many levels :slight_smile:

But still, it is compiling and renderer is working and it is for my big surprise, very friendly in performance (if you are using stencil shadows)


(KeMoN) #370

You are right, the movement is a little rough, but it is really nice to see so many cool plans and ideas getting realized in your project.
I’m really looking forward to hearing more! Wish you all the best with the development!


(Dushan) #372

Work in progress
There are still many bugs, but it is something :slight_smile:

Fueldump map

Railgun map

Like I wrote, WIP :slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #373

Wow, this thread was quiet for years.
It’s great to see you are still working on your project!
Do you have any background info about it? As in, what are your plans with the game in regards to engine, render, mods. Will old mods be compatible, etc?

(Dushan) #374
  • Engine along with the game logic is ported to the Xbox 360 console, Nintendo Switch console, Android (Android TV, Android tablets and Android phones), PlayStation Vita, Linux, MacOS, iOS and tvOS for Apple TV device.
  • Q3Map2 compiler experienced a Renaissance period, literally, not only because of all bug-fixes, now it is generation map collision (.cm file) and (.bullet file) because support for the BulletPhysics 2.80 (rev. 2531) is added per map, HDR lightmaps are supported also.
  • GTKRadiant also is updated.

Old mods are kaput gone with the win in a white light in a time before the dinosaurs. And that happen only because supporting old BSP version and old mods (modifications) will hold you down and you will not be able to introduce anything new.

(Dushan) #376

Relax, everything is under control

To share little happiness with everyone :slight_smile:
This is actually ATCS map from the Tremulous game

P.S. This is not a engine test or a tech demo, this is actually a working map.
I will provide video soon

(Dushan) #377

Please don’t mind my old GPU :slight_smile:

(Dushan) #378

New build and better video

(rorgoroth) #379

Looks good, even 3 years later :wink:

I see you still working on it: TheDushan/OpenWolf-Engine

Good to see you still active!

(Dushan) #380

It is much better now :slight_smile:

Those are few Wolfenstein Enemy Territory original maps with default assets (I just copied pak0.pk3 file).

Battery map

Oasis map

Fueldup map ( I really like that map )

There are still bugs :slight_smile:

(Dushan) #381

This is my best for now

eXcs map from the Tremulous video game

All with idTech3