(Indloon) #301

Btw Dushan if you are interested of some OverDose engine things, then here u go:

(Dushan) #302

Thanks for link, but I am not interested in OverDose.



(CoD4Fun) #303

What means dynamic sky. What you show in the video is possible with vanilla et engine afaik.

(Dushan) #304

because this is done with GLSL files :slight_smile:

(rorgoroth) #305

Very nice work, Dushan - and of course nice to see you are still working on this :smiley:

(Indloon) #306

[QUOTE=Dushan;400760]Thanks for link, but I am not interested in OverDose.



Maybe add realtime day/night cycle? :smiley:

Just take client time( cg.time ).

Make it into minutes, and at every minute the shader will be made more into night or day.

As far I have got that by using Q3 shaders, but the problem is that it was too fast. It only took 30 sec and voila night and then another 30 sec and day… -.-

(Shownie) #307

That is a really cool idea! :smiley:

(stealth6) #308

I agree, would be really cool to have a lighting system that reflects current day time or a day night cycle per map or something similar. I was disappointed when BF3 didn’t have this.

(Dushan) #309

Well guys its time that I share with you my latest non C++ stable build of OpenWolf.

OpenWolf source code files

OpenWolf binary files

In you have both x86 and x64 build along with my testing maps (test_bsp_splitting, test_newton, test_sky, test_tree, test_volumetricLight and test_water) from where you can test most of features what is there and what I shown in videos and pictures in this topic.

You still need pak0.pk3, (pak1.pk3 and pak2.pk3) from original ET inside MAIN folder.

Possible problems (what I know so far):

  • “deformMagnitude” shader isnt supported inside vanilla renderer so Crysis water in-out effects will not work (for vanilla renderer ofc) (you will have missing textures inside water in vanilla renderer)

  • Maybe some debug building are broken inside VS solutions

  • Non-Windows builds are broken (cmake out of date) :slight_smile: kthxbye

  • Sound is in little mess.

  • There are possible font problems inside UI for vanilla renderer.

  • There are more incompatible shaders keywords between XreaL and vanilla renderer (in some of my branches I have fixed that but I didn’t push diff).

  • XreaL renderer don’t support some of ET specifics shader keywords (like texgen Vector and stuff like that …)

  • There are some weird things with GLSL water (I believe its incomplete inside XreaL)

  • Inside pak3.pk3 shader folder need to be cleaned (there are much of unneeded files there)

  • MODS DON’T WORK. Don’t point that fact. I do not plan to fix it unless I get support from mod developers.

EDIT: Don’t be to harsh with me, this was mostly one man work.

All binary files are build with debug information and map file name, so if crash happen, you can check dump file inside “C:\User(user name)\Documents\My Games\OpenWolf\bugs” and debug problem yourself.

I will upload soon textures what I have and got from others (about ~2.1 GB) but it will take me forever to upload.

Soon I will provide better build with few bugs fixed and localization support for cgame and ui. I simply didn’t had time to add files now.

I will document cvars what I introduced inside OpenWolf in next few days.

Also I have opened chatroom on freenode server #openwolf for contact.

(Gir) #310

The Xreal Renderer has a really slow start up time, switching to Vanilla fixes all that, for some reason Fullscreen does not work.

The FPS seems betters

Sometimes switching between maps causes crashes.

(StoerFaktoR) #311

WinRAR displays error messages and don´t unpack all files. :eek:

Use 7Zip to unpack.

(Mateos) #312

Maybe you can use a SVN or something like this for textures?

Thanks for sharing, downloading now :slight_smile:

(Dushan) #313

Use 7-zip to extract. I have used different compression

[QUOTE=Gir;401459]The Xreal Renderer has a really slow start up time, switching to Vanilla fixes all that, for some reason Fullscreen does not work.

The FPS seems betters

Sometimes switching between maps causes crashes.[/QUOTE]

EDIT: I didn’t know about problems with fullscreen, thanks for that.
For problems with crashing after changing map (I don’t have any problems with that)

Update: Fixed fullscreen

line 1753 change to

if ( GLimp_StartDriverAndSetMode( r_mode->integer, r_fullscreen->integer, qfalse ) ) {

New updated renderers

Just replace your old files with new one

(Mateos) #314

I can’t move the window when opening the console; I can ofc use the mouse in Windows, but I can’t move the OpenWolf window :confused: Edit: I can after selecting once an other window.

Your custom maps aren’t listed in Host Game, but I guess you’re aware of this.

Characters are not well aligned, you may be already aware of this as well

(Gir) #315

Foliage does not work in Xreal Renderer

(Dushan) #316

You are doing something wrong :slight_smile:

(Gir) #317

I dont see any ?

Vanilla ET

Open Wolf

(Dushan) #318

what map is that :slight_smile:

EDIT: Like I told few posts before, there are much of incompatible and missing parts in XreaL for Enemy Territory :slight_smile:

EDIT #2: To tell truth, I didn’t even know that is not working inside XreaL renderer

EDIT #3: After little investigation “ParseFoliage” in XreaL renderer is still under TODO list,
Thanks for pointing this :slight_smile:

Thats why this is in beta development and release stage, so we know how much need to be fix :slight_smile:

(Gir) #319

Operation Tower (Beta 6)fixed

Also on Radar

(Indloon) #320

How about real-time vegetation rendering :smiley: