Notifications filter: dynamite planted, radar parts returned..

(KygoHereForYou) #1

Hello. Is it possible to turn off objective notifications in “kills notifications area” in Nitmod? I mean I don’t want to see messages like “Dynamite planted”, “Allies have captured the old city”, “Axis have returned the East Radar Parts”, etc. I’m usually having so many messages like this, that requiring so many lines and I always must toggling console (via ~) to see last kills. I read on some forums that it is possible in ETPro mod. What about Nitmod or default ETMain?:stroggtapir:

(Nerwitz) #2

I think possible; never took a try at any notification messages. All HUD elements on original game can be toggled off, as far as I know. Someone educated enough can reaffirm this.

(Teuthis) #3

This sounds like problems of people not going after objectives and that rather focus on the killing. Eliminating those objective-driven lines will result in that the last objective-driven people on a server might leave. So i suggest to rethink this plan…

(KygoHereForYou) #4

No. I forgot to tell you one thing. The problem is that there are 2 messages about some object: 1. Allies have destroyed the Old City Wall! 2. Old City wall destroyed by ETPlayer. I want to turn off first message for all objective notifications like CP, flag, walls, etc. There are always 2 messages.