No Servers found

(kleinwelka0707) #1


I got Enemy Territory Platinum Edition from Amazon.

In Game there are no servers.

Please help me.

(REA987) #2

That could be an unsupported version. Try ET: Legacy;

(kleinwelka0707) #3

**** game, this wont join servers, 100% all Computergames ever developed are nothing and wrong.
Now i got 0 Games, and sell my Gaming PC.
Only use an old siemens Laptop, with this can not play.

(REA987) #4

As I stated before, install ET: Legacy.

(KeMoN) #5

Generally, I support the argument to install ET: Legacy, but this should be fixable… The only not-fixable issue would be if the id masterserver is down again. However, I have not received any reports about that in the last few days.

Please make sure that you have a working internet connection.
Please also try to run the game in admin mode.
If you click ‘Play Online’ to open the server-browser there are a few settings on the top that you can change. Please make sure you have selected ‘Internet’ as Source or whatever the setting is called. ‘Favorites’ and ‘LAN’ will not display any servers if they haven’t been set up beforehand.

If that doesn’t work then just report back.

Still I would recommend installing ET: Legacy. It is a heavily updated game version. You will however not be able to play ETPro with it. Just so you know.


(REA987) #6

ET: Legacy lists the servers without an issue. Period.