No matter what, new players will be stupid (share ur stupid teammate moments too ig)

(B_Montiel) #42

Joined the forum the 22nd march of this year, call everyone noobs and get kicked in a regular fashion.
Most of your older posts /threads reflect the actual lack of experience you have in this game.

Sorry dude, but you definitely not got kicked for being too good. Especially in the recent months, I’ve been able to pull incredible KDr, but I’ve never got kicked for this, and it never happened in front of me either over the time DB has been on steam.

Search somewhere else. Admitting being a dick from time to time is not an easy task. This pretty much happens to everyone.

(HadronZodiac) #43

Yes, being only hunted by a katana kira (even if i kill her back on occasion) = trash gameplay

k kid

(D'@athi) #44

If you didn’t already get that Kiratana is the only “more hp and faster” merc, also having the ability to use this “perceptional ©shoe” ping-5-meter-kanata-advantage…
… what @B_Montiel said…

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #45

Same here. I’m pretty poop most of the time, but I’ve wiped the floor with teams on multiple occasions. Someone actually once thought I was part of v586 because of my clan tag at the time (v57), as well as my… well slightly above average Fletcher skills. Either way, I’ve still never been kicked for being “too good”.
Even if I was, it seems like something that would happen very infrequently. Definitely not within a week.

(HadronZodiac) #46

Another update:

Guys asking for a medic is bad, dont expect any teamcomp from people, cuz thats bad


Update x2: Trying to kick the dude who just wastes time and is no help is bad

(D'@athi) #47

When the game wanting you to carry some camping attacker team isn’t enough…
… you get some retard staying in spec all the map, not beeing able to be kicked (because the other team obviously consisted of this honorous friend(s)?), making the whole a nice 6vs7, because this one little faggot want’s to “play with his friend”…

When saying something about it, you get the 3-year-old’s-“your mum/autism”-talk, also nice. So good job SD for not having extra specslots, and no chance to get balance in such situations. Guess your playernumbers will rise soon™, when word get’s out in the kindergarden and the pocketmoney is availible, you deserve it.

Now we got someone killing himself every spawn, probably to get the “play xyz minutes”-contract, two maps after another. Guess what, team to smart to kick him, but voting restart… :slight_smile:

(HadronZodiac) #48

Getting kicked for inactivity when you are actively playing, is the most petty thing new players can do…

(losing 24k exp is so fun)

Hey devs educate these fucks, or just ban em, idk

or at least have a report for stupid noob ignorance

(Meetrock) #49

I just loooove this kind of players, I enjoy killing them as a nader.

(Meetrock) #50

Most stupid teammates I play with, actually show up when we’re playing Underground. I mean it’s fine letting me waste 5 consecutive nades and a few bullets on the South Door constructor then die with low ammo and no nades by a proxy who repairs the same constructor while my team is actually trying to plant a c4 on the North Door constructor or go in from the roof. IT’S TOTALLY FINE.

(ThunderZsolt) #51

I do it all the time with Kira. With quickslash you have enough time to finish her as well, and get out of the range of her martyr. Best part is that some Naders think they are knife proof and don’t even expect so get stabbed in the face :sunglasses:

Teabagging her is another story though…

(SM83 Power Operative ) #52

Yeah, I should’ve clarified I meant knifing a downed Nader ahah. :laughing:

(HadronZodiac) #53

Update - Just got kicked (with my 16k exp) because i didnt instantly revive people quick enough

Lets go back to before 1.0 so we dont have to deal with these newbs

Also - I dont think we should lose the exp we get when kicked, cuz thats just stupid

(Your worst knifemare.) #54

Stop going afk mid match then.

(HadronZodiac) #55

when youve been playing the entire match and someone still accuses you of afk

exactly my point ^

(Your worst knifemare.) #56

I’m just going based on the games I’ve had with you, either being afk or accusing someone of botting.

(ZaZa) #57

This is somehow on point what I’ve been telling to some lately.

I’ve gotten random kicks as well, sometimes they expect me, while being dead to come and give them ammo or push with them against the enemy etc.

Also some toxic players at FACEIT must say, it’s like they don’t welcome people to play there at all and if they don’t know ya they start to be hostile towards you.

I think that is spoiling the whole thing, toxic PUBG players coming here and being toxic and think they only can play ranked, while less experienced but know-how-to-play players aren’t that welcomed, why not just play and if you’re better then the other guy, be happy about it, since you’ll earn more XP, no usually they start to be toxic at ya and you tell them things back and they continue to whine about to an admin and whoops you’re banned for simple stepping up against them, I’ve heard real taunting over the mic-conversation, fun to play then, well, you decide.

(HadronZodiac) #58

lol a lot of the time i accuse for the lols

troll confirmed

(HadronZodiac) #59

lol this is exactly what im talking about

(the second one he was trying to kick me even tho he just spammed his sniper rifle without aim)

(Diosito) #60

I can’t agree more with the general idea of this thread… and I disagree with some comments… but in general terms I’ll just say that the lack of common and battle senses in the community (even among vets) is overwhelming.

Obviously, I’m not exempt from guilt :rofl:


(K1X455) #61

this is what I hear and see in Singapore servers every time I keep telling them not to play as engineer on EV defence…