No matter what, new players will be stupid (share ur stupid teammate moments too ig)

(HadronZodiac) #1

So i was just playing a stopwatch game, and there were many new players. as we were attacking (ev escort) i went guardian to counter the 3 skyhammers and a javelin spamming our ev. My teammates literally started bitching for me to heal, not knowing im incapable of doing so. Im guessing they assumed sinced im medic, i can heal. Anyways they kicked me soooooo, glad to know the community is still amazing

(K1X455) #2

This is the reason why FNGs need to be segregated away from the more experienced players…

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #3

Sounds more like just an unfortunate situation, rather than “all new players are stupid.”
Also, you spelled teammate wrong… just pointing out the irony.

(HadronZodiac) #4

pretty sure kick because of ignorance is different from a typo

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #5

I had a good player try to kick me after ordering me to switch to medic and I refused. He had a medic he could have switched to as well, but he didn’t.

(Press E) #6

Happened to a friend a long time ago, but it fits.

Some new player kept stabbing my friend asking for ammo and yelling over mic.
My friend was playing Fragger

(D'@athi) #7

@op Stop beeing toxic plx.
“DB is not dead but on lifesupport and we vets are responsible”.
Probably you could open up a topic in the steam-forums like “Just a friendly reminder - don’t kick good players in PUBs”?
And the rest of us, we should simply asume that SD is informed on this “unfortunate situations”, knows, it is all Nexon’s fault, and they are working on CMM to fix it.

PS: Sry, just me beeing bored after having to lose two maps with useless gimpstuff, only for the third one beeing the same slaughter, but with me in the wt. FUN!

(AlbinMatt) #8

We’ve all seen the new recruits handling Nader’s egg cannon improperly, but has any of you guys ever had someone daft enough to assume her as a multi barreled Javelin? Because I had some science wiz spam the chat about aerophysics complaining about why their aim wasn’t bad but that the game’s physics engine is broken.

I ignored it at first, thinking it was lag or something, until I died and jumped to this Einsteinean genius as they aim straight onto a group of enemies from a balcony twenty plus meters away.

It was at that precise moment, when this Nader tried to salvo a group from Terminal’s defender balcony onto the opposite window, that I lost my faith in our education system.

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #9

I guess if I’m gonna add to these stupid teammate stories, this is kinda related. It’s less a stupid new player, and more of a natural idiot.
So a friend and I were playing a ranked match on Trainyard. We end up getting full held on the first attack round, I don’t even remember if we ever managed to plant. Anyways, defense round comes around, my friend and I didn’t give up, and the other two were pretty much just trucking their way through. However, there was one guy who just… rustled my jimmies. He tried to vote surrender multiple times throughout both the attack and defense round, and was basically soft throwing. Not necessarily trying to lose, but didn’t really care anymore and just wanted to get the match over with. I asked him something along the lines of, “Yo, match’s not over yet, why you quitting dawg?” (truly, an intellectual phrasing) and his response still just boggles my mind every time I think about it. Get this. He responded with: “I’m not some kid who has plenty of time to play, I have adult sh*t to do.” Yeah, ok, almost fair… until you remember that we were in a RANKED MATCH. RANKED. Who the hell joins a ranked match, knowing that they have stuff to do and think “Oh, well, I’m sure I’ll just completely stomp the enemy team and have plenty of time afterwards to do my taxes and feed my children.” How does one be so incredibly idiotic to think that they can hop into a ranked match and not remember that people are (usually…) trying their hardest and that you will not always be able to just steamroll the enemy team? If you were short on time, DON’T GET INTO A MATCH THAT REQUIRES YOU TO STAY THE ENTIRE TIME, NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES.
We ended up drawing that match btw, and he honestly could’ve just straight up left and stop wasting his own precious adulting time. He wasn’t even a bad player, or anything, it’s the fact that he was stupid enough to join a ranked match and then use the excuse of “I have adulting to do” as to why he just wants the game to end. What if the match wasn’t a full hold the first round? What if we ended up finishing the entire map, but ran the time out because the enemy team was good? Was he still gonna throw? No, he would’ve toughed out the entire match, because he was having fuuuuuuunnnn…
Long story short, if you’re gonna come up with an excuse as to why you want to surrender a ranked match, don’t. Just leave the match, or just straight up say “I don’t care anymore, I just want the match to end.” Don’t come up with a dumbass excuse like this, and if it is the true reason as to why you need the match to end, then don’t queue up for ranked.

(Your worst knifemare.) #10

But Vets can be just as dumb or even dumber than new players.

  • Level 600 Skyhammer who doesn’t throw ammo
  • Explosive mains who call Guardy unfair to fight against.
  • Suicide Proxy’s
  • Melee Phantoms
  • 90% of snipers


  • The dumbest one I’ve seen is that one Sparps who tries stabbing people with a stiletto.

(HadronZodiac) #11

Update - I just got kicked for using hunter, apparently hes insanely powerful (even tho im 88% sure they dont even own him).

Nice to see the community is still one of the best

(kopyright) #12

Oh yeah, those always make me chuckle…

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #13
  1. That makes no sense. Why would they kick you for using a merc that is “insanely powerful?” The enemy team doesn’t have the power to kick you, and it’s not like you’re hacking, so there’s no reason for your own team to kick you. It would make more sense for them to want you to stay, not kick you out.
  2. Judging from your behavior on these forums, I’m sure there’s more to the reasons you get kicked besides just ending up in teams with dumb new players. Maybe you’re a lot more toxic and rude than you think, and people kick you because they don’t want to hear it. Maybe you were using an “insanely powerful” merc, but were still, somehow, doing bad with him so your team kicked you for not switching to a different merc.
  3. I wouldn’t really consider new players part of the community. Part of the game, yes, but they haven’t been around long enough to actually establish themselves within the community. They’re basically just dipping their toes in the water, deciding if they want to dive into the game or back out because it’s too cold. The rest of us, us being the community, are already swimming in this big ol’ irradiated pool.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe your teammates were actually so incredibly and ridiculously stupid that they actually kicked you for simply using a merc that is “too strong.” It makes so little sense that it doesn’t seem possible for people like that to actually exist, but, hey, anything’s possible.

(HadronZodiac) #14

1 - Noobs work together. I was topping and they thought it would be fair to kick me, not sure why thats so complicated to understand

2 - Yes sharing opinions, and making merc ideas is a great reason to get kicked

3 - Eh if they have a say, they are a part. Not a very good part at that

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #15

Ok, well that’s not what you said in your update post. You said they kicked you for playing Hunter, an “insanely powerful” merc. You never said they kicked you for playing well, or top scoring.

That’s not behavior, those are just actions. You’re behavior, is the fact that you have a tendency to be ignorant to your own mistakes or negative actions. You have a tendency to see pretty much anyone who says anything remotely different from your opinion as people who can’t understand basic concepts or don’t have the mental fortitude or respect to read your entire posts. You have a tendency to look for the tiniest little scuffs in someones rebuttal and use that as your entire basis of your counter-argument, rather than actually replying to the point they were trying to make. Kinda like you just did.

But they don’t have a part, really. They’re too new to have a part in the community. They don’t know enough about the game for their opinions to really matter in the grand scheme of things.

(AlbinMatt) #16

Well, Sparks’ fashion choices may be vague, but those shoes aren’t exactly Barbie toys.

Or are we talking about the in game knife? Because you could use that thing as a back scratcher for infants without risking skin damage.

(Jigstraw) #17

This isn’t a teammate moment but i’ve played with this one really dumb guy who complained about proxy mines being cheap while playing javelin.

“at least javelin has counters dumbass” proceeds to list shooting the rocket as a counter
because shooting a small moving rocket is so much easier than shooting a large stationary mine.

They also complained about a sparks “jumping too much” in combat, and then proceeded to spam walljumps in a corner while firing a rocket, defending their actions by saying “i was low hp dumbass, it’s called staying alive” when called out for it. Because everyone else is full HP at all times and isn’t trying to stay alive.

what a stupid hypocrite of a player right?

oh wait. it was OP :joy:

(SM83 Power Operative ) #18

Knifing a Nader…


(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #19


(Press E) #20

I had an enemy once who thought throwing ammo packs damaged enemies. Idk how he even reached that conclusion, someone probably told him that to troll him, but damn lol. At least he didn’t keep doing it very long