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(carburad0r) #1

Good night gentleman

I wish to play Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, but I couldn’t find the link to download, or else any information…What’s happened to quake wars? Why I can’t find it?

(Mustang) #2

Presumably you’re talking about Steam, in which case you’ll have to ask Activision as they’re the ones that decided it would be a good idea to have it removed.

You can pick it up from Amazon for a few quid though.

(REA987) #3

Steam version of the game was taken down long ago. You need to get a retail copy from Amazon or eBay. If you happen to have a legitimate key or account, you can download a copy of the game from places; because the retail version has no copy protection on the disc due to online authentication system.

(CaliberWorkz) #4

You can buy it on Amazon for maybe 4-5 dollars.
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