New Map Idea

(marknazz) #1

I recently came up with a theme/idea for potential new map for enemy territory. I would love to be able to make the map myself, but i work a lot and just do not have the free time required. I realize that mappers want to bring their owns ideas to life when it comes to a new project, and I do appreciate all of the time and effort mappers put into a new map. This is just something for someone is hung up on a new idea. It is geared towards competition play, and I have drawn out a fairly high detail sketch of the map, accompanied with screenshots for texture and building ideas. pm me if you are interested.

(kamikazee) #2

I’d rather say you postyour idea, and then let someone decide if he uses it or not…

(d3coy) #3

yes, best thing to do is post your idea here, post the hi res sketh and show those texture ideas you have here in the forums. Most mappers get approached by people with ideas, and never pic them up because well, many reasons, so posting the info out in the open will allow many mappers to view it and increase your chances of it being produced.

(marknazz) #4

One of teh reasons i didn’t post all of my ideas here is because i wouldn’t really want two seperate mappers picking up the idea, and going in two different directions with it. Or someone else taking a certain phase layout, and using it in a different project altogether. I guess i’m being a little paranoid.

I have gotten a couple of pms and i am waiting on a reply to see whether or not they are going to use this idea or not. Failing that, i’ll have to clean up the sketch a little bit before posting it here. I did this while slacking at work , and the only program i had access to was ms_paint. Although very detailed, it is obviously a little rough around the edges. If the persons who pm’ed me decide not to do this, i’ll try to get a new, cleaner sketch finished by sometime tomorrow and get it uploaded so you guys can take a look. Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:


(kamikazee) #5

Hmmm. I would just think it’s interesting if the idea was taken into two different directions… What’s the problem of diversity, as long the mappers give credit to you for the original idea?

You take the risk of the map being something different then you thought, but this is the same as when some smart-ass decompiles your level and messes it up. :wink:

(Ifurita) #6

Personally, I’d just throw the idea out there.

(d3coy) #7

agreed, just post it.

(marknazz) #8


On a routine reconnaissance mission around the outskirts of a small town in Northern (place name here), the allies discover an axis outpost and hear rumors about an attack the axis are planning.

The allies must siege the city, steal the attack plans, and transmit them back to allied command.


1) The allies must push their way through the city outskirts and take control of a forward bunker (blowing the cave door secures the forward flag). Once built, the allies can spawn at the command post.

note: At the first of the map, the allies have the option of spawning in either the West hut, or East caves for quicker access to each route.

2) Gain entry to the town by blowing the main gate, West wall, or sneaking a covert through the East team door.

3) Capture the axis attack plans on the far side of town and transmit them and transmit them back to allied command.

I realize that many things will need to change during the mapping process (should someone decides to do this).

  • location of forward spawn/objective with respect to travelling times
  • location of axis spawns within the city (especially the one closer to the main gate)
  • many more minor (major?) things

If anyone would like to discuss it further, and/or see the screenshots i have for texture/structure ideas, feel free to contact NewF in #et-center on Quakenet. Thanks.

(d3coy) #9

I think i remember seeing this, although the original sketch was a bit less detailed. Id be willing to assist anyone who is interested in taking on this project, i think it could have great results as far as being a good comp map.

If anyone here takes on this project and wishes to have my assistance, pm me here and Ill do what I can to help.

(luuklag) #10

hey i saw your sketch but i have a question did u contact the makers of the maps u want pieces from and asked their permission? i think thats stap 1 for u.

(marknazz) #11

These wouldn’t be exact replicas of structures/textures used in other maps (my fault for not being more clear). The screenshots i have are just to give you a general ideal of what the map would look like (if it was ever made). Sorry for any misunderstanding (although i probally could get permission to use the exact same bunker from Voilegarde).

(luuklag) #12

ok i get it

(dark-tim) #13

i think it’s to big… but that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

(marknazz) #14

I imagine it to be a little smaller than radar . It is just a rough sketch and isn’t drawn exactly to scale. The first phase may be shortened a little (if the potential mapper decides that is best). :banana:

Posted below is another pic where i have shortened the first phase. Notice on the first screenshot i posted, the first part of the map is below the southern point on the compass, while on the second, smaller screenshot, it is above the northern point (can be condensed even more if necesary). :smiley:

Thanks for all of the comments/input btw.

(carnage) #15

as long as the first sections paths were alterd to go in the direction of the grid axis then the terrian would be pretty simple to make

however i can see the city looking very wrong, when mapping for CnC general i leaned that to make towns and villages it was often bast to lay out a basic road stucture first then build the houses around it, then when your done go though again and add a layer or details like a mail box or trash can here and there when you would imagine them to be if it was a real village, i just find this way it looks like it was build one building at a time rather then just apeard one day

(marknazz) #16

Anything can be redone to make it easier to make, or better for gameplay. This is just a basic layout/idea.

if you would like to discuss it further, pm NewF in #et-center on Quakenet. :clap:

(knuckles) #17

Looks Interesting :cool:

(]UBC[ McNite) #18

as long as the first sections paths were alterd to go in the direction of the grid axis then the terrian would be pretty simple to make

Not true imo… for terrain or tunnels it doesn’t really matter which way they go. Only strong changes of direction cause a bit of work, but that s only the edges of corners.

So far this seems a 3-stage map to me, and i m kinda missing the 3rd forward spawn for the Allies. Also what is the flag for while there s the CP to build for a forward spawn (cp location seems to be missing in the 2nd pic). The flag doesnt shorten the way for allies to the first wall/cp.
I think the basic idea could work, but it needs a bit of simplification. And especially some thinking about travel distances, maybe in a style like this.
When you know the routes and distances, its much easier to put buildings around it that look a bit more like a town or real place. I agree with the opinion that the town looks a bit strange for now.

(marknazz) #19

“Also what is the flag for while there s the CP to build for a forward spawn”

The reason there is a flag and cp spawn is:

  • The cp spawn can be pushed closer to the city wall to lessen the traveling time to obj.
  • Once the documents/objective has been stolen, the carrier can either go short (main path) or long (caves). Some of his teammates can spawn caves to help with the doc run, while others can spawn flag to help repell the axis who are trying to make an effort to return the docs (think cp/flag spawn on radar and the axis pushing on the truck, or the hut/cp spawns for allies on frostbite, and the last battle at the transmitter and objective travelling routes with respect to these two maps)).

" I agree with the opinion that the town looks a bit strange for now."

Someone stated that they found it much easier to make pathways or roads, then build a town around these roads. I can modify the sketch to show these pathways if it makes it any easier. Also, it will be easier to find appropriate spawn points once we can test the travelling routes in game (that is if someone decides to map this).

Any other suggestions are always welcome :slight_smile:


(marknazz) #20

I have talked to a couple of people, but no one has said for sure that they intend to do this. I realize that all i really have to offer is this idea. I have no knowledge of mapping. So if someone intended to do this, it would be me making a lot of these suggestions (obviously with a lot of input from the mapper), while someone else was contributing all of their time and hard work (hardly fair).

I’ve recently made some original textures that the potential mapper could use in this project and in future projects as my way of contributing something towards the project. I’ have about eight textures now, and will be adding more shortly. I would also be willing to do anything else within my knowledge to see this project completed.

Mark (aka NewF in #wwgn on quakenet)