New Dev Video: When's the MOFO Update?!

(Chris Mullins) #1

The fruits of our labor are coming your way and they’re bringing a whole host of goodness!


(AlphaUT) #2

First 13 sec, epic

(Ptiloui) #3

Ooooooh yeah ! :smiley:

(BananaSlug) #4

I need new maps soo i can leave them! :sweat_smile:

(PeterComputer) #5

22th of November.

That is the day the gods have told us the update will drop.

Let us remain hyped af for 5 more days.

And don’t forget to


(yesser) #6

first time splash dammage cordinate with my vaccations HYPE

(cakeblock941) #7


(BlackboltLW) #8

I hope there’s no gamebreaking bug coming back

Can’t control this hype, help

(GatoCommodore) #9

Oh i remember this

remember back then after weeks of waiting it gets delayed again

lets see if this gets delayed

(HammerOfDawn21) #10

[left]That smug look on Shoe’s face when he talks about performance issues makes me think there’s going to be a huge improvement in performance, has me hyped up.

Nice name and an even better excuse to call it that.

Map Overhaul and Frame rate Optimization update? Please.

(Dr_Plantboss) #11

This update comes at the perfect time where I probably won’t be able to play it for a week after it comes out. F***.


(munkiFRESH) #12

thank you! now you can work on purple twitch skins!?!

(Mc1412013) #13

Map updates are cool and all but there is one question that still all our minds

(Tanker_Ray) #14


(Your worst knifemare.) #15

Good now i have an excuse for eating turkey while playing the MOFO update.

(TheStrangerous) #16

(GatoCommodore) #17

New maps are attacker centric, the defenders arent getting much justice


Pick one and only one

(Kirays) #18

Beautiful. <3

(pEaRson) #19

fact that private matches were mentioned lately worries me…it was mentioned in the first dev video only

(DankBeretField) #20


(Update released in 2020 Christmas. Typical Splash Damage style. Sh*t)

P.s: Still love you Splash!

But looking back and forth, the defenders will keep screaming about the maps is too attacker-sided. And we will have another fcking update regarding about this sht.

P.p.s: What are you developers will do next? You guys will cooperate with Blizzard and what next? Tracer in Dirty Bomb? (Please don’t do that)