Need normal config for best perfomance on low PC

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Hello people, cannot find proper config for ETQW , for best perfomance during competetive games on TAW servers. Can someone share some good perfomance config? I googled and seached a lot and this community board also but cannot find what needed. PM me or give a link pls if possible if you are kind and welcome. Very appreciate .

PC config:
Proc: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ 2000 MHz
Video : Radeon HD 2600 PRO 512 MB 600 MHz
Memory : DDR2 4096 MBytes Mircon 800hz
Motherboard: Gigabyte M55S-S3 (Socket M2)
OS : Windows 7 Professional 32-bit SP1

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I don’t have a ready to go .cfg but @Pliscin-7 made couple extensive config videos, why don’t you check those;

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Thanks REA987, but i already have watched Pliscin videos he teached me a lot of stuf, he playes for me, he frags for me and i did watch config video and did lot of into my own .cfg but now i lost it and now looking for someone.cfg just a file, not 17 min youtube video, juts someones cfg who can share. Plaint text .cfg downloable by link or somehow.

Pliscin did not share his cfg, he made teaching video for 17 freaking minutes.

Anyway appreciate you assistance.

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Hi Roggued. Happy to see you’re back.

Try adding the following to the bottom of autoexec.cfg in the base and mod directories:

exec /specs/minspec.dat
seta com_unlock_maxFPS “0”
seta com_unlock_timingMethod “0”
seta com_unlock_avgFrames “4”
seta com_unlockFPS “1”
seta com_showFPS “1”
seta r_useThreadedRenderer “0” //your CPU is single core

Then restart the game twice and see if that helps. This changes the following cvars, if the minspec is not minimum enough, maybe try tinkering with these:

On some custom maps if the shader quality is too low you can end up with a black / untextured terrain. This is a bug in the map and not your system. The solution is to temporarily set the shader quality to medium. No restart is necessary.

As mentioned before this tweak guide goes into more detail.

If you still need help come to our discord:

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Thanks for you assistacne/help it works good now 100% satisfaction and apprecciation.

But just curious any way makes it look like seen before my previous cfg, like the gfx was a bit minecraft style may be some renderer settings, textures not so smooth but a bit in pixels it was so stylish look.

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I believe reducing “seta r_megaTilesPerSecond 85” further down to 5 or so will achieve that effect. Pliscin covers this subject in his videos. They are long but worth watching in your case, IMO.

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Thanks all, especially reseected for replying and help.
Still wondering regarding most important console command its to disable voice commands or vsays cause many players use it for spam and trolling, local muting not worked, Sir Pliscin said something about it in his video part something like, ‘those commands to keep my heart clean’ not sure it working, gonna watch this part of video again.

I watched Pliscins video again and no, he did not show commands to disable/mute vsay from players.
He mention this but thats not what needed:

Still wondering why players dont share theirs configs, may be another consiracy after it, 17 min video and no .cfg

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He said “to keep my HUD clean” meaning the text that pops up in front of the game. I am not aware of any way to mute only vsay within the game. Maybe (this is just a theory) you can find zpak_english000.pk4 or the ones for your native language, open them up in a zip editor such as winzip and delete the “generated” folder in them which contains the sound files for the vsays. Make sure to back up the pk4 files first.

I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. Just copying someone else’s config, you can end up with their personal settings such as sensitivity, clan tag, etc so people just tend to edit their own and copy certain cvars.

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There is a setting to disable vsay (I am using it because of Canned).

Deleting audio files inside the pk4 works also.
You can delete pretty much every voice (also the annoying introduction).

Messing with the zpak files can be kinda weird if you want to mess with strings. I would keep away from it.

Using a zpak you can even execute your configs which is pretty handy in my opinion.

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Yeah thanks already have figured it out, i did delete vsays from zpak_english000.pk4 pak file using ressected recommendation and now its ok, no spam, at least you can read vsays if its something important not spam.

My basic autoexec for good perfomance (using master ressected and master Pliscin tips ) only you have to lower shader lever via ingame menu, its normal now to play on custom maps, low for vanilla.

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I just checked your config for a moment:

  • pm_skipBob => should be 1 (you dont got screen shake anyway because of other settings)
  • image_lodbias => for max perf. set it to 1 (but can make mini map hard to see. Try it)
  • image_filter => If you really want everything Minecraft try GL_NEAREST (I myself play on “GL_LINEAR”)
  • r_shaderQuality => you can set it higher if you prefer. r_shaderquality 3 cause black ground on custom. You can set it to " 2147483648". Quality will be low but ground still visible on custom

I am sure there is more stuff to mention but I don’t got my cfg right now.

Edit: You should also add picmip settings.

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since u seem interested in ma cfg. Could just hit me up and ask for it i shared it before but here we go =)