Need Help Getting Back Into WolfET

(Llama_King) #1

Hey everyone!

I’m looking to get back into WolfET. I downloaded Wolf Legacy which seemed to have a lot of really great optimization changes made. The UI looked great and it ran perfectly. The only problem was that every single server it showed was just bot servers.

I installed the regular client from Splash Damages website and boy it’s a goddamn mess. I can find plenty of populated servers with real people but it’s totally unoptimized. I get around 40 FPS which drops down heavily whenever there are lots of items on screen ( decals, lighting, players, waypoints, textures).

No matter how much I mess with the settings in the options menu it never changes. So what am I doing wrong?

Things I’ve tried:

/r primitives -2 in console
Changing CPU affinity to a single core

Please help! I really want to get back into this game.

PC Specs that matter:

AMD 8350
GTX 970 Ti
16 Gbs of Ram.

Edit: I should also mention I looked into .cfg files but I don’t really understand what I’m looking at, so yea idk.

(wolfETplayer) #2

FPS drops in 2003 game with such specs?I don’t know what to say.
Well, ET Legacy have filter for bot servers, so you can use it to find servers with real people.Look for ETPub servers.
However, ET Legacy does not support ETPro, and Hirntot is one of the best servers with real people, so I am using vanilla client sometimes to play on it.

(KeMoN) #3

Hello Llama_King,

Like wolfETplayer said, you can filter out bot servers in ET: Legacy. Besides that, I would generally always suggest to use 3rd-party server browsers like SplatterLadderor TrackBase. Personal favourites of mine are UJE Teamplay and Dark Alchemy. Both of them have a very nice community. However, keep in mind that the player base is very limited and mostly old veterans, so you while most servers appear empty or filled with bots during the day, they fill up with human players towards the evening.

Regarding your FPS problems with the regular client:
You wrote “/r primitives -2” in your post. I don’t know if that was a typo, but there are no negative values in cvars. Try “/r primitives 2”.
In case you decide to keep using the ET: Legacy client, which I can only recommend :wink:, then please report any problems or bugs you might encounter in this forum. We will make sure to read and look into them.

Cheers and welcome back