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(DB Genome editor) #1

My goal is to get brand-matched primary + secondary for the loadouts I use most, so I’m not looking for the fanciest skins and I’m not too peculiar about finish quality, as long as it’s a fair trade. Here’s what I’d be interested in acquiring at the moment:

  • Alice - Kaleidoscope (Gold) Caulden
  • Alice - Troika (Bronze) Stark
  • Aquila - Legion (Silver) M9
  • CoreSEC - Defender (Gold) Selbstadt
  • CoreSEC - Titanium (Silver) MK46
  • KMA - Prototype (Silver) DE.50
  • Royal Force - Imperial Fade (Silver) Caulden
  • Royal Force - Imperial Fade (Silver) KEK-10
  • Royal Force - Blood Red (Bronze) Ahnuhld-12

And here’s what I have available to trade:

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Looking for interesting trades
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FT: Lots of Weapon and Melee Skins LF: Anything reasonable!
((Pos2/3)) #3

Am Actually interested and have sum questiong.
Idk, do we need to unlock steam wallet to be able to trade ? (Actual free user) Lel

(DB Genome editor) #4

@Meerkats I saw in cFn’s thread that you are interested in Pristine Aquila Viridis skins? I’ve got the Crotzni and Empire-9, either of which I would trade for your Pristine Royal Force Anhulhd-12 if you are interested. I also have a Refined Viridis BR-16 if your interested and have something equivalent to trade.

(Meetrock) #5

I think in order to actually use steam trading in any game, you need to have at least spent $5 on the steam store.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #6

got caulden in scarred and worn
got kek in scarred
ahnuhld in standard

I like the grandeur and silver kukri