My Langauge Turned French!

(CollateralDamage) #1

Why did my menu options and everything suddely turn to French???

How do I reset everything to English?

I can’t find any options in the various dropdowns…

Pleae help!

(senator) #2

some server you’ve joined recently was responsible for this, check your etmain folder (sort by date) for .pak3 files. the one you are looking for is probably not that big and if you are lucky named something like french menue.pk3 or something similar. Just delete the .pak3 and you should have the original menue back.

(Ragnar_40k) #3

I had something similar with a (bad) translation of everything into German. Simply find the pk3 and delete it. I guess, depending on how much the maker converted, this file will be about 1-2 MB large .

(CollateralDamage) #4

You guys are great!!! I simply deleted all the .pak3 files from today and I am speaking English again! Thanks so much for the help!

(ECE-666) #5

I had this too,but as soon as i join an english server its all english again.
Its terrible too hear:“Need a medic!” and see the text in french, it drove me crazy :banghead:

(MechPaladin) #6

I haven’t experienced that particular problem in this game. But I would have considered that as a good way to learn the French Language - When one listens to the speech in English but read it in another language, one will eventually understand both languages.

(ECE-666) #7

I know enough french to know that the text wasn’t exactly what the sound said. When the sound says:Need a medic the translation of the text would be something like : Need medical suply’s (medicins) :disgust:

(TFate) #8

Yep, and “Revive me” was all like, “Reanimate me.”

This happened when I used the bobots… joining an English server will reset it. :confused:

(loyolas) #9


/me is french

We use this *.pk3 to translate ET into french
it’s very usefull in french server… and we love it a lot :slight_smile:

Need medical suply’s (medicins)


Don’t you think that french is a great language ? :slight_smile:

Réanimez-moi, Je veux des munitions (I need Ammo)…

big tx to rw clan :slight_smile:

(BondyBoy007) #10

So the vsays and stuff were all converted into french, does this mean that the german vsays are in french but with a german accent ?

(TFate) #11

No. The sounds are the same .wav files.

(- LVB -) #12

Well, some of the translations are clearly incorrect.

An example is in the game menu, we have “VU” instead of “VUE”.

(DryIce694) #13

I had a bunch of maps that had the initials “fr” in them…eg map2_fr_oasis.pk3 The fr stands for french…