[Mod] Infected

(Micha) #1

I want to share a mod to you. It’s not a finished mod and I would love to find more coders to help me.

infected Team:
gaoesa (coding)
thunder (visuals/textures)

Infected Mod is a survival gameplay mod.

It changes Allies to Humans/Swat and Axis to Infected/Zombies.

Basics of infected mod:

Humans Team: Once the match has begun, you need to run and hide somewhere safe. The idea is to stay alive as long as you possibly can without being killed by a [Infected] player. If you are killed by a [Infected] player you will be switched over to the [Infected] team. If any of the [Humans] are alive at the end of the game [Humans] will win.

Infected Team: The [Infected] team starts off with 1 player. Once the match has started you may begin to hunt the [Humans]. If you see any [Humans] try everything and anything you can to kill them. Be creative! Once all [Humans] have been killed. The [Infected] team will win the game.


  • Humans: You need to survive till the timelimit is over !
    -> Get ammo on kills
  • Infected: Kill all humans to win the round (starts with 1 player)
    -> Kill a human to infect him

Some features:

  • Class features: such as kamikaze for “Paineer”, able to setup different movement speed and healthpoints
  • More Blood
  • Random Map vote
  • Custom votes found in Vote->Infected
  • Removes Mg42 and objectives out of maps
  • Heartbeat sound on lower healthpoints
  • World sounds for better atmosphere
  • Player punishment for “spec -> human team” to avoid dead (empty weapons on respawn).
  • Get ammo for kills (infected players get another throwing knife, humans get bullets)
  • Thirdperson mode ( /tp ‘value’ or /thridperson ‘value’)
  • More helpfull shrubbot commands
  • Infected Team has special spawnpoints on some maps
  • Edited mapscripts
  • Tripmines
  • Water breath bar


Server: 2.55, 2.6b, et300

server: windows, linux
client: windows, linux


For more infos read the readme/docs :slight_smile:




Source code:


(wh_te) #2

Sounds good!

(twt_thunder) #3

like this!!! hehe

(Micha) #4

Looks nice :o
Did you made it?

(twt_thunder) #5

yep, could’nt help myself …hehe… but I need someones “yes” before you get it :slight_smile:

(twt_thunder) #6

norwegian and zombies you know:


(Micha) #7

Nazi Zombies :smiley:
Yes gimme to try it out, please

(twt_thunder) #8


(twt_thunder) #9

BTW : can you use the site I provided for you? in pm?

(Micha) #10

Update is uploaded and ready to go. The mod should support linux now (big thanks to Smurfer).
Changelog can be found here and on assembla

(wh_te) #11

Still working on this?
I love it.

(Micha) #12

Hi, nice to hear someone is actually playing my mod :wink:

I just did this in a while:
-> added trooptrain files
-> updated infected.lua (added trooptrain support, performance boosts)

Nothing else then this (I changed omnibots on my local server so they wont use heavyweapons and rifle). It’s a fun project and I’m just working here and then on it.

(twt_thunder) #13

Hi Micha… tried your mod (finally)… just a question
-are the playermodels smaller?
-and wouldnt it be cooler with a machete and real zombies?

(Micha) #14

Machete would be nice too, it just needs to be same size like knife. There is an axe model and it’s to big :stuck_out_tongue:
What do you mean with real zombies? My zombies are like 28 days later zombies :smiley:

(twt_thunder) #15

[QUOTE=Micha;486721]Machete would be nice too, it just needs to be same size like knife. There is an axe model and it’s to big :stuck_out_tongue:
What do you mean with real zombies? My zombies are like 28 days later zombies :D[/QUOTE]

A machete cant be a knifes size… but you know what… I will cook together something for you this weekend and I’ll pm you with a link to try it out… ok?

EDIT: There are a zombiepack out allready

called the greators zombie mod… only it is the allied… but that is easy to fix actually but then I think you should ask he who made it first…

(Micha) #16

Yes I know about these zombie skins but I decided to take another one :slight_smile:
Would be cool to see a machete, just try to make it so it wont hide to many screen space.

(cheesy) #17

Micha, I would like to humbly make a few requests. But first, if you want I would like to donate a few things. I notice you are using the old tripmine model that I made and posted on old etpub forum. I adapted this from starwars model. You may use if you wish, however I have a better one that looks WWII era and it is actually adapted from the landmine. It says trip-mine on it with nomenclature number, and when put on flat surfaces the little metal ring pin lings up perfectly so that the trip line goes through it. I also have a knife fix so when knife lands it goes in blade first that I made.

Anyway some requests…

  1. Keep support for incoming 2.55 players (don’t listen to developers about 2.60b mod only will save the world)
  2. Issue more health than 150 on the zombie team. I tried your server and with no SMG I can’t get near allies with only 150, zombies should have A LOT of health since they are undead. I can code in increasing health for zombie team based on skill levels if you wish.
  3. I agree with Machete idea, if Zombie team will be melee only, then a really nice melee weapon should be there. Hell maybe even a big wrench or bat or something.
  4. A sound effect so that when zombie is walking (ever watch Walking dead show)?
  5. Get some pro looking zombie skins on face/head. I may be willing to fund this, and hire a pro designer, as the zombie skins that have floated around ET for years look poor, especially in low resolutions.
  6. Once you get a beta of mod ready, maybe make an installer, with some ET fixes (which I have), a downloader for ET client (which I have), a check-box to show Infected mod servers in UI, and focus your marketing on players also…not just old and crusty ET Admin sites. I have seen nearly every mod start and fail accept a few since ET came out, I would hate to see yours be another because of marketing.

I have some code I might be willing to contribute, which I own from a mod that was abandoned. But I need to ask one of the coders on my old team as a courtesy first. But there would be some stuff you would probably like :slight_smile:

(Micha) #18

Thanks for your requests/tips. I’m not a C/C++ coder so this mod will not be big till I found someone who wants to take over the coding.
I made the most with lua and much stuff is changeable. The healthpoints can be changed easily by server admins but I think 150 hp are fine. We did an event once (40 players) and most time infected won because of increasing playing number on human dead.

I would take your tripmines for sure. Sorry for not asking you to take it (didn’t know it, found it in a pk3 on etpub tripmine topic).

Sure I’m open to change the skins if they look better. The soldier skin was made by Thunder and the rest were out of a zombie pk3.

I wont do big marketing anymore because the mod isn’t finished and got some bugs in it I can’t solve (I need a mod coder for this).
The mod is open source and everyone willing to help is welcome to “my team” :wink:

(twt_thunder) #19

well machete done as model:

will see if I can get it ingame tomorrow…

(cheesy) #20

nice thunder :slight_smile:

Are you planning to just replace the knife model of the knife? or both code and knife?