Merry Fishmus EveryOne!

(RayBan) #1

A very Merry Christmas to everyone.
er… @Fluffy… we only ordered enough KFC to feed 8 ppl… please put 2 french fries back in the box =P

(ronboy) #2

Merry Christmas everyone! :smiley:

(Nail) #3

Seasoned Croutons to all

(RayBan) #4

Welp… weather says it will be -45 celcius with the windchill when I return to work tomorrow… and a -37 celcius with a north wind for a high all day… so I better break out an wash the hoodie. 3 days at work, then 3 days off for new years. Gives me time to work on a project.

(Nail) #5

geez, I thought I was the only one dealing with those temps, had a pipe freeze yesterday and my car battery crapped out and I start 21 days at work tomorrow, at least I can park indoors there


Woot oot oot and a mustard on top. You, Merry Mushmas you shhh!

(Nerwitz) #7

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