Merry Fishmus Everyone, tonight I get loaded, tomorrow I cook

(RayBan) #1

I did not want to get loaded, but it’s budweiser and keeping with the tradition. Tomorrow I cook for a house full of people, maybe 6 or more, depending on who shows up. So a 12 pound butterball turkey, with mashed potatoes, turkey gravy of course, roasted carrots, and since im canadian, pierogies and cabbage rolls. ( bacon bits with onion and sour cream for the pierogies of course… ) and maybe… and I mean MAYBE sliced roasted kolbasa… i’m debating on it. But two types of stuffing!!! Wheee… Both are sausage sage with onion, but one has apple and cranberry’s.

And then there is the traditional up north penguin hostage, Uncle Doug brought one in this year. Most of all Canadians do it at Christmas, we duct tape his wings behind his back, and duct tape his mouth, and he’s placed in a corner, while we feast on the turkey dinner.

He does have a mild freakout… but he’s released back into his wild after… no harm done. He just tell’s his fellow penguin’s of the horror’s he’s been through in Canada.

It build’s up the penguin youngster’s character… toughens em up… so I hear…

and… no, we don’t do that =P

Come On People, they come from Antarctica…

Anyways, Merry Fishmus old friends and new =)

Disclaimer: No penguins were hurt at all in my christmas dinner story, either physically or mentally… except for a groundhog who got too drunk and said something ignorant about my mom. but a groundhog with a black eye is basically a hamster… right?

(RayBan) #2

oh wait… I forgot to mention the cranberry sauce, and pumpkin and apple pies…

(Mustang) #3

Merry Christmas Everyone!