Melee Hit Speed

(NK.NewNightmare) #1

Why did you decrease melee hit speed… now if you got quickslash it’s about as quick (slow) as before without. GG this shattered DB, everything is over.


They only reduced the speed on the katana, cricket bat, and axe.

The katana was already pretty slow already so I’m not too happy reducing it even more, but eh, if it helps reduce the amount of melee phantoms then so be it.

The bat I’ve honestly barely noticed a difference on so it’s really not that bad.

As for the axe, eh? It didn’t really seem like it needed it to me, but I’ve barely used it. Although 10% of such a small amount of time is practically nothing

(PariahDog) #3

Melee speed doesn’t need reduced, melee damage does. The ability to 1 shot people (or even 2 shot them with wide cleaves) is ridiculous.

Melee needs to be either a downed target finisher, deployable breaker or a ‘Well shit, I emptied my primary and secondary at this guy and hes still up, hes low but I can run up and stab him to finish it’ tool. Lower melee damage on people but up it on deployables.


As someone who mostly plays mercs who can be one-shotted by melee, if someone manages to get close enough to melee you, that’s your fault, not theirs. It actually takes a lot of skill in positioning and dodging to be able to get consistent melee kills against moderately skilled enemies.
And if someone gets close enough to stab you, you’re free to stab them back.

It’s part of the game, simple as that, and there’s no reason it should be nerfed just because some people have learned to use it and you haven’t learned to deal with it. Part of the tradeoff for squishy mercs who can be easily meleed to death is fast speed, you just have to use it.

Also if anything deployable damage should be reduced. Enemies can easily back up or dodge a melee attacker, a medstation can’t. And it’s very easy to run around a corner with a quick merc, tap a deployable and run away

(PariahDog) #5

Chopper bat and Katana 2 light everyone below fragger. Chopper Katana 2 shots him.

And I was suggesting upping deployable damage after nerfing overall melee damage so you’re not sitting there taking 3-4 swigns at the thing.

(NK.NewNightmare) #6

Dam just make it faster.

(HadronZodiac) #7

The thing is the 1 hit ability makes up for the shittiness of multiple melees

Ulus suck arse without that 1 hit capability
So do stilleto
So do beckhill (ish)

(PariahDog) #8

Its a melee weapon, it SHOULD suck. It should be for gibbing the downed or because you fucked up so hard you have no other options.

(HadronZodiac) #9

Ye but its hard to use it, skill = reward m8

(PariahDog) #10


(HadronZodiac) #11

idk what that means, but realistically

You wont get many kills going just melee (unless ur phantom ---_-)

(PariahDog) #12

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So why should it suck? Like I said, we’ve all built playstyles around it, it’s part of the game. Why should it be nerfed, and us punished, just because you haven’t learned how to deal with it? I suck at tracking jumping players, but I’m not trying to get jumping nerfed in combat.

Whether or not you say otherwise, melee is NOT easy to consistently get kills with against moderately skilled players, including chopper bat or the katana. If someone gets close enough to you and you aren’t able to react, they deserved the kill. If someone snuck up behind you because of your bad spacial awareness, they deserve the kill. Because really, even if they didn’t have melee, they’d probably still get that kill. This isn’t TF2 or OW, everyone is highly mobile, especially mercs with less HP, and it’s very easy to quickly get out of range of a melee attacker and use your gun, or simply melee back.

I just don’t understand why you’re so against something that’s so easy to avoid, this coming from someone who mains squishy mercs. All you have to do is back up or worst case, jump away and shoot. Or hell, just melee them back

(HadronZodiac) #14

Then whats the problem

Fr, i wish they promoted gunner phantom and skill not just run run kill kill top the match

(PariahDog) #15

Because 1 shots suck ass. Especially sudden, no warning one shots. It’s why shotguns got cut off at the knees and people bitch about Javelin, but people forget Fragger’s nade, proxy mines, and sniper rifles exist. And shotguns were the least cheesy of these 1 shots since if you failed them you were now up close and unless your name is Rhino or your opponent was a sniper, you’re up against a guy with more HP and a bigger gun. Fire support has enough warning for you to run away provided you’re paying attention that these are more or less acceptable.

Everyone being highly mobile, especially the squisher mercs is what makes them so deadly with weebslashing or batting you to death. And getting out of the range of your melee attacker is literally turn your back (and beg to get shot assuming the guy is not a complete dipshit and forgets he has a gun) and run away holding your own melee weapon, unless they happen to be faster than you in which case HA HA GET FUCKED YOU NEED TO SHOOT ME 5-6 TIMES IN THE HEAD WHILE I CAN POGO AROUND WITH NEARLY SCREEN WIDE CLEAVING ATTACK WITH NO JUMPING PENALTIES AND HIT YOU TWICE.


Being meleed shouldn’t be a surprise for you though. If you see someone rushing you, you should know what they’re trying to do, especially if the person rushing you is a kira or phantom.
If they rush up behind you, you should still be able to counter that. Footsteps are loud in this game. Sure you might not be able to hear it well with music or whatever, but that goes for a lot of other things in the game. It’s about having good spacial awareness. And like I said, even if they didn’t have melee, most players could still get a near guaranteed kill on an unaware enemy from behind. If anything melee makes that more challenging, since you need to close the distance.

I’m generally against one-shot kills, but it’s not hard to predict when someone is going in for a melee strike. And out of all the one-hit kill items in game, they’re by far the easiest to avoid. If you don’t have longjump bound, you should, because that’s really as easy as it is. Longjump off a wall, turn around midair, and take a shot. And that’s only if you let them get close enough, which you shouldn’t be anyways. With decent aim you should be able to take out someone charging you while simply holding the back button. And if you can’t, they deserve the kill.

It sounds to me that you just need more practice. I’m not trying to be rude or anything so please don’t take it that way, but melee is not hard to avoid effectively once you get the hang of it. It’s part of the game, and it’s not fair to expect that to change when the rest of us have built playstyles around it.

(Jigstraw) #17

I just wish splash damage would remove the melee-kill related badges, especially the Finish Him badge.

those badges drastically inflate the score per kill, since you can get a finish him badge with every single kill you get, tacking an extra 150 exp on to the HP*2 exp you get for killing and finishing players, as well as the 5/10/20 melee kills badges.

Hyperinflated exp like that creates the illusion that a player is contributing more to the team than they really are, much like spotting exp for vassili/aimee before the most recent update that finally nerfed them to a more reasonable level.

(Kirays) #18

Guns require precise and accurate aim to deal damage with (aside from shotguns), whereas a simple click with melee is able to deal the same amount if not more damage within the same time frame. The effort you have to invest is so much lower in comparison to a gun which is why I don’t understand the reason it is rewarded immensely.

Dodging a melee strike and preparing in advance is certainly possible sometimes, but not always, especially within close quarters where room is severely limited; they aren’t a rare sight either, plenty of these areas exist spread across all maps.

(kittz0r) #19

How is it my fault being 1 Shotted by a Knife etc when i hit the Attacker with several Headshots but he still lands the Hit because he Walljumps or even sits around Corners?


Guns are about aim, melee is about positioning. It uses a different set of skills, not none. In order to consistently get within melee range you either have to be very good at dodging fire and predicting your enemy’s movements, or you have to be able to sneak up on them, which requires you to know where everyone on the other team is and predict where they’re going to move. If someone walljumps into your face with a knife and you can’t react, that is your fault. Melee isn’t hard to dodge even at point blank range with proper movement

Dirty Bomb isn’t just a game about aim, it’s also about positioning and predicting your enemy. If someone manages to corner you and then melee you, they deserve the kill. If someone manages to rush head on into you and you can’t kill them or run away, they deserve the kill, and frankly anyone who is able to hide around a corner or flank you would likely get that kill anyways, even without melee.

Ultimately it’s so easy to spot incoming attacks that it really shouldn’t be an issue. Believe me, it’s not hard to avoid melee attacks. I’ve played over 1,400 hours of DB, with both fast and slow mercs, and it’s very rare that I actually get killed by melee. When I have, those deaths were all my fault. Of all the crappy one hit kills in this game, being sniped across the map or shotgunned down from 30 feet away, melee is by far the least bad one. If I can do it, so can you, it just takes some practice and getting used to.