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Hi again,

I’ve read the SplashDamage ETQW wiki site on generating a megatexture and have created a mega texture (mapname.mega file). My megatexture only has one diffuse map and nothing else.

I load up my .world file in editWorld it loads my megatexture and I perform a normal compile. I press F2 to run the game in editWorld. It shows my megatexture on the terrain.

When i package my map into a pk4 though, and host the game. The megatexture does not show up and I get an error on the console saying:

"idMegaTexture::OpenFile : failed to open ‘C:…\z_mapname.pk4/megatextures/mapname_lit.mega’ (3: The system cannot find the path specified.

I verified that “mapname_lit.mega” is located in “…\z_mapname.pk4/megatextures/” folder.
Is there anything else I need to do in order to get the megatexture to show up?

Also i get a warning in the SDK when loading my .world file:
Couldn’t load image: megatextures/mapname_lit.detail
Couldn’t load image: megatextures/mapname_lit_detailmask

Thanks in advance everyone.

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After much searching I found a post Donnovan made in a thread. I didn’t realize that the .mega file needed to be moved to “base/megatextures” folder if not running it in ETQWPro, or if using ETQWPro to be renamed as a .dat file and placed in “mapname/megatextures” of your pk4. This allowed my megatexture to appear in game properly.

I still don’t know how those other two files get made and I appreciate any help I can get.


(.Chris.) #3

Have you setup detail textures for your terrain yet?

If so then use the following to generate those files:

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Thanks for the response, Chris. I will look into this more when getting near the end of my map.

(.Chris.) #5

From what I gather, the megatextures/mapname_lit.detail is a 4 channel image with each channel being the 4 detail textures you assign in the terrain editor, the megatextures/mapname_lit_detailmask, assigns those channels to a specific colour on the mask it generates based on what nodes you assigned the detail textures to, it’s all automated anyway so probably don’t need to know that. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your thoughts! I was working on a megatexture so I could apply a grid like megatexture to help with determining deploy spots for APT’s and stuff. This way when I am sculpting my terrain I can keep certain locations of my terrain more flat for these deploy spots. Figured it was a neat trick and may help others.

(.Chris.) #7

This might be helpful when you come to make the deploy masks, you can use this tool to do it whilst in the map,

(Assassin4004) #8

I already got deploy masks working on a test map while learning the SDK, but I’ll definitely take a closer look at the link on deploy masks because it may be easier. Thank you very much for the link and support. Did you have time to look at my animation post? I added it to the MD5 Animation thread. Thanks in advance.