MEGA On The Brink Guide (Playability, tricks, tips)

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My main goal for this thread is to hopefully cut down on the repeated questions people have about the same subject. A lot of helpful tips get buried in other threads. I’ll update it as much as possible with anything you add on the replies and whatever I find around the forums. One thing I can’t promise is proper grammar :stroggtapir:

-How color codes work-
The numbers go from .0 to 1. The first 3 numbers are RGB values if I’m not mistaken. Then last number is the Opaqueness (transparency?) value, the lower it is the less it will block your view in game. I use a value of .2 as you can see below and the names on screen are a lot less intrusive.

[i]-How to enter commands-
You can bring down the console by pressing CTRL + ALT + ’ (key to the left of 1 on U.S. keyboards)
You can also open NOTEPAD and enter the commands there and save it as “AUTOEXEC.CFG” into this folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\*YOUR_STEAM_ID*\22350\local\base

*note: that you wont have (x86) if you have a 32 bit system
*More notes: You may have to bring down the console and enter this command the first time around after creating the autoexec file: exec autoexec.cfg but I’m not 100% sure.

1.Visibility/HUD tips:
Here are the commands to make player names more transparent and other HUD related ones:

seta g_friendlyColor ".8 .8 1 .2"    //this is the color of your teammates names on screen
seta g_fireteamColor ".5 .1 .9 .2"    //this is the color of your fireteam mates
seta g_fireteamLeaderColor "1 1 1 .2"     //same as above, but for the leader only
seta ui_showgun 1        // 1= show the gun 0 = off (I prefer on)
seta ui_fov   95   //This changes your field of view, I find 95 works best for me.

EnderWiggin.DA. wrote a great Sound Cvars guide. Sound Cvars- improvements for some

3.Gameplay tips

[li]Understanding Brink’s Class Abilities [Video Guide][/li][li][VIDEO]Brink Abilities Benefit Side By Side Comparison by Swolenator[/li][li]Very well done GETTING STARTED WITH BRINK guide[/li][li]I’m sure I’m not the only one that sometimes forgets if I’m on offense or defense for a certain map so here’s a quick way to find out, especially if you aren’t the objective class. Bring up the Objective wheel and if it says “GUARD” you are on OFFENSE. Guard is referring to guarding the place so the objective class on your team can complete the objective. If it says “DEFEND” well, you are on defense. TL;DR Guard on obj wheel = offense[/li][li]If you’re a MEDIUM or HEAVY class you can use the buffing button as a way to go a bit faster when you spawn. Just point at a light class and hold F (or w/e your key is) and just before you are about to give them the buff let go and repeat. The game will make you run a bit faster then they are, even if you are a heavy class.[/li][/ol]
4.Map Guides
I probably won’t be doing any but if anyone does feel free to pm me or comment here and I’ll like to your map guide thread/video.

5.Class Guide
same as above, let me know of any good threads/links and I’ll link here
1.Medic On The Way


2.Engineer Reporting for Duty

3.Soldier on Deck

4.Covert In Disguise

Thread covering tips and builds for Operative class
Operatives Guide At brink reddit

6.Mouse Tips
Some cvars and general tips for better mouse control.

[li]This makes it easier to stay on your opponent’s chest/head, your miles may vary. The default value is 0.022 [/li]```
seta m_pitch 0.017 //lowers the Y-axis sensitivity

[li]Vsync off in video options - This is common knowledge but just in case some of you didnt know. From my own experience even with tripple buffering on you will get some mouse delay so I just turn it off. [/li][/ul]

[B]7. Miscellaneous [/B]
[li]Incredible[FIRETEAM creation and usage guide]( by [MIND BULL3TS]([/li][li]To skip INTRO VIDEOS (on game startup) use this command[/li]
> seta com_bootlogo "0"

[li]To skip All map loading videos[/li]

g_loadScreenWait “0”

[li][The best config for HIGHEST FPS]([/li][li][Jess Alon's CHOKEPOINT busting guide]([/li][li][A subsitute for the old VSAY's we knew and loved - SCRIPT]([/li][li]Here's a way to fix your garbled text![/li][QUOTE=Smokeskin;329519]There is a command that fixes the corrupt text: clearGlyphCache 

I have added this to my .cfg:

bind kp_minus "clearGlyphCache"

So I just hit that to fix it when it happens. I and others have confirmed it works.

I was thinking maybe it could be bound to some other key I use so it had two functions, like spacebar or tab, but I couldn't figure out how to do it.[/QUOTE]
[li]If you want to see the highest possible quality that brink can have after tweaking graphics cvars watch this vid: (thanks to [deckrom's post]([/li][li] - for all your competitive watching needs. Almost makes you feel like you are watching a live sporting event :stroggtapir: Here's their youtube page[/li][li]Brink Wiki - for all your stats/info needs:[/li][li]Awesome Brink Reddit -[/li][li][JOE999's Tips & Tricks of the more technical nature]([/li][li][Brink Config Tool 1.5 as of 5/17/2011 made by rJayW]([/li][li][New BRINKKIT config tool a bit more stylish and finished]([/li][li]Great PARKOUR vids: [Brink trick jumps]( & [Le Parkour]([/li][/ul]
I'll be adding more stuff soon, Hopefully this cuts down on repeat threads and also helps newcomers to the IDTECH engine. Let me know of anything you would like linked here that helps out. Any tips on how to make this more readable would also be welcomed.

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I’m just curious as to what these do:

seta g_fireteamColor “.5 .1 .9 .2”
seta g_fireteamLeaderColor “1 1 1 .2”

before i go screwing with an autoexec lol

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[QUOTE=Hyraltia;307568]I’m just curious as to what these do:

seta g_fireteamColor “.5 .1 .9 .2”
seta g_fireteamLeaderColor “1 1 1 .2”

before i go screwing with an autoexec lol[/QUOTE]

Oops I’ll add descriptions now. Basically those are the colors and transparency values if you join a fireteam. Speaking of which I added a link to the fireteam guide found here:

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Great guide. Slight correction: is the URL :slight_smile:

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fixed, oops xD


Thanks for guide dommafia, iv posted it over on our forums :slight_smile:

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The fourth number in g_buddyColor is the alpha? cause if it s it’s great news to finally be able to see something when you have 4 or 5 teammates in front of you.

Btw did you find the cvar to change the alpha of the objectives hud icons like the revives ones?

Great thread btw Dom, can’t wait for some videos and more tweaks.

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[QUOTE=Kebyh;308136]The fourth number in g_buddyColor is the alpha? cause if it s it’s great news to finally be able to see something when you have 4 or 5 teammates in front of you.

Btw did you find the cvar to change the alpha of the objectives hud icons like the revives ones?

Great thread btw Dom, can’t wait for some videos and more tweaks.[/QUOTE]

The cvar that we used on ETQW is not working anymore :frowning: Neither is the cvar that let you change the player icon size. I don’t know why they removed those. I hope they fix that in the next patches.

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Yeah, was gonna post that soon, the buddycolor and fireteam leader color changes don’t seem to work, the regular fireteam color change works fine though.

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try g_friendlycolor “x x x x”

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Yeah let’s hope SD add the icons size cvar in the next patch.
and unfortunatly g_friendlycolor does nothing.

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bot name colors aren’t effected by it.

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ah true indeed, A CUTE PUPPY and BIOSNARK ftw

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Home grown gaming. That’s what I considered you guys. But you pissed on yourselfs and your community, it’s like golden shower porn- but I don’t roll that way. So I put brink on delete, took a shower and now it’s time for the rant.

I’ve stuck by you guys, probably longer than you’ll stick by me (expecting delete after first paragraph) I’ve sat in server and told the people criticizing your “product” that with a line of patches it will be awesome. I’ve watched the servers go from 1400, too 500, to 1000 and had high hopes. Finally a futuristic ET concept!

Today, I got beat down by 3 invisible players. over and over. Turns out they were having a right troll following me around, while I had no sound because it now dies after 3 minutes of gameplay, and just jumping me for the ****s and giggles.

Now, I understand you have no control over what third party programs get released, but Jeez. You’d think you’d stop using the same tried and true Quake engine as your base, which is so easy to code nefarious elements for. You lean on vac like every other **** game - rely on the same hitbox concept as every other game. Well, Invisible players don’t have hit boxes.

Where is this revolution we were promised? Because of your fail game and the immense hype you have given it, even after delays, The customization? the “quadrillion” character possiblities? I.E. not pants with 12 different textures and the same pair of pants for three archetypes? The flowing, E.T. style campaigns? Finally, SMART? which is more like RETARD with to boot, tiny console maps. Pathetic. I’m never buying one of your products ever again.

I hope you’re sipping chardonnay at the pool front with my, and everyone else’s money you pieces of ****, because it’s going to be short lived if you keep releasing games like this, and as a marketer, you need to understand that word of mouth will destroy you- You can pay for your positive reviews but more and more people are depending on good old fashioned word of mouth.

My word on splash damage has gone from Home Grown gamers making games, to People who lie, cheat and twist the truth to create hype for pieces of ****, that arn’t worth the money, time or following. There are free fps’s which have given me more satisfaction than this. Pathetic.

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My apologies, it works nice one!!!

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Thanks a bunch! I’ve been looking for the name color and alpha commands.

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you can also enable the console by change
com_allowconsole to 1 in teh autoexec.cfg
Or in the start up parameters of BRINK in steam add this:
+com_allowconsole 1

Then you only need to press the ` key to bring it down

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OK good, I thought I messed up again :stuck_out_tongue:

np :slight_smile:

added Covert tips and tricks thread link
added link to BRINK CONFIG TOOl (great job rJayw!)
added link to JOE999’s tips and tricks of the more technical nature