Master list down

(Uk1) #1

Guys who runs the master list? This populates the server list when you go to ‘play online’. It’s hard to find definitive answers.

It is constantly down so new players cannot connect. The majority of new players are not technical. So the longer this master server is down the more damage is done to every public server.

I ask SD directly - who can fix this? Who is in charge of this master list?

It needs to be fixed for everyone globally.

(mazak) #2

Works on ETLegacy :slight_smile:

(JoNny) #3

Hello there, is back up and can be used. Go and download the client file which requests the server instead of id’s. Replace it with your current client executable and you’ll be good to go.

As a server admin, you only need to add one more line to your config file to list your server on that master list.

Feel free to reply with any questions or feedback.


(Uk1) #4


Is the Et.exe file fixed on the splash damage download section now?
That’s the most important part guys,.
There needs to be a fixed public download so new players don’t have this problem and can see all the servers.

Otherwise most people won’t go to these lengths to fix the server list.

This is doing huge damage - new traffic is left blind & decimated.

It really is cutting off the blood supply to this game.

(JoNny) #5

Hello UK1,

this is out of reach for us (TrackBase).
The official download is hosted by Splash Damage and cannot be changed by us.
Please tag / contact them separately to inform them of this option.

They would need to consider this separately.