maseter server list down

(macbeth) #1

the servers list is gone …
i tried to contact id software like i did many years ago but i cant have the captcha working …
did somes can try please

thanks guys

(ryven) #2

yes, too bad is also down

(Mustang) #3

I’d give it a couple of days then try contacting SD if it doesn’t return.

(macbeth) #4

still down again and for RTCW aswell :frowning: did somes here can contact id software
thanks guys

(Katerina94) #5

4 days and still down

(jay1110) #6

i was sent a mail on saturday. They should be informed. Maybe its a bigger Problem. Because even the masterserver ip is timed out.

To all who are new to splatterladder. Here is a good serverlist too. Many options to filter servers.

(jay1110) #7

the serverlist is back.

(macbeth) #8

servers master list down again …

(ronboy) #9

They must be having issues, clearly. This just happened very recently, and now it’s happening again. :frowning:

(macbeth) #10

is back this happened it seems when i updated Windows yesterday …

(KeMoN) #11

Worry not, ET: Legacy has your back!
We now have an own master server running, which means that if you have the legacy master configured (all ETL clients have), even if the ID master goes down again it does not matter. Thats the simple part. There are some nifty features planned with the new master server in the future, but that’s it for now.


-- Common Initialization Complete ---
Opening IP socket:
Network initialized.
MOTD: resolving resolved to
execing etlegacy.cfg
7 servers listed in browser with 109 players.
7 servers listed in browser with 102 players.
Scanning for servers on the local network...
Requesting servers from the master (
[U][B]Requesting servers from the master ([/B][/U]
CL_ServersResponsePacket - server 99 game servers parsed (total 98)
CL_ServersResponsePacket - server 99 game servers parsed (total 197)
CL_ServersResponsePacket - server 99 game servers parsed (total 296)
CL_ServersResponsePacket - server 99 game servers parsed (total 395)
CL_ServersResponsePacket - server 78 game servers parsed (total 473)
CL_ServersResponsePacket - server 99 game servers parsed (total 486)
CL_ServersResponsePacket - server 99 game servers parsed (total 497)
CL_ServersResponsePacket - server 99 game servers parsed (total 502)
CL_ServersResponsePacket - server 99 game servers parsed (total 511)
CL_ServersResponsePacket - server 76 game servers parsed (total 518)
302 servers listed in browser with 3700 players.
216 servers not listed (filtered out by game browser settings)

(macbeth) #12

kemon can you post elaborate more on our site please and did u dont have anymore missing textures for some maps ?


(KeMoN) #13

At this point, there is not really much more to elaborate. All players that are playing with an ET: Legacy client are pinging both the id software master server and the new Legacy master server. The vanilla clients obviously do not have that coded in, so if the id master goes down, then all players with ET 2.60b (or even earlier, but I really hope no one is still playing with 2.55?!) will not have any servers in the in-game server browser.

Having an own master server opens up a few nice features, but currently they are only theoretical ideas, which is why we’ll move that discussion to a later date :tongue:

If you have a list of missing textures in maps, please send them my way. I’m happy to look into them and see where the problem lies and try to fix it. Thank you.


I have found this post for UJE The Lab. Are there any others?

(macbeth) #14

i will install etlegacy to test tomorrow
thanks kemon

(REA987) #15

As I have just tried ET: Legacy (32 bit) on Ubuntu Mate (64 bit), server list works just fine. I tried connecting and playing couple servers, no problem whatsoever. Man, it has been literally 10 years since the last time I played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

(KeMoN) #16

Glad everything is working for you. I hope you have a great time playing.


(Domagoj) #17

Works fine to me now…

(macbeth) #18

Morning Guys
and again since few days servers master list down again
any idea who to contact ? we tried at ID software yesterday but what they said:

they couldnt help with this, they did host the game but she wrote this:
And, to confirm, we only host individual instances of this game for consumers. We don’t handle anything with a “master server list” or anything like that.
if someone knows who to contact please tell them or give us a link and we will

(mazak) #19


(JoNny) #20

Hello there, is back up and can be used. Go and download the client file which requests the server instead of id’s. Replace it with your current client executable and you’ll be good to go.

As a server admin, you only need to add one more line to your config file to list your server on that master list.

Feel free to reply with any questions or feedback.