Martyrdom? /Really?/

(Vacant) #1

Whose brilliant idea was that?

You literally stole the name of one of the most universally-reviled abilities from Call of Duty… it’s not that you didn’t know how this adversely affected other games in the past, you were fully aware and chose to replicate it anyway, right down to the name.

Martyrdom completely changes the landscape of the game, as any kill on Nader will mean everyone has to stop progression through that part of the map completely and wait to see if her nade goes off. This is a fast-moving game focused on hip-fire with close- to medium-range weapons; martyrdom stifles that. It kills momentum and, moreover, is counter-intuitive to competitive play. A person should never be granted an instant-kill ability for dying, no matter how small the radius winds up being.

Honestly, this really needs to get the boot completely, but if not, at least make it an immense cooldown (not something that can be used every life unless you have long lives), or delay the time before you can activate it in the down-state, or the fuse of the grenade. But honestly, this sort of thing is really cancerous, and should be removed entirely.

(Runeforce) #2

It is not an instant-kill but delayed ability, it gives off a warning when triggered, so players can react, and it can only be used while incapped, and will gib you when used (which means using it ineffectively will negatively impact your KDR.)

Perhaps wait to pass judgement, untill you have actually tried it?

(benignMaster) #3

Yeah, lets wait to see how it affects game. I’m sure people will learn to avoid the martyrdom merc after downing them.

(Szakalot) #4

once you learn to gib any naders before coming close you are fine.

(mOist) #5

i hope it dosn’t kill the person out right like other explosives / sniper headshots, otherwise running into a big crowd all jihad style letting them kill you then just takein yourself out.

(Steve Martin) #6

I don’t think any iteration of this is worthy of Splash Damage or a game of this nature.

It should be about shooting skill and he who makes the kill shouldn’t be subject to an instant death sandwich from the person they just incapacitated with said skill.

This does help those who have a hard time getting kills find some… but all in all it has no place in a skill-based shooter with heavy competition overtones.

Just my 2 cents.

(Reddeadcap) #7

[center]“Oh look, its that one character with grenades strapped all over her body, the one who was announced to drop a delayed bomb when she’s incapped, I better go stand over her for a good solid 10 seconds.”


“Now thats unfair, how was I suppose to know she’d blow up?!”



I cant wait to hear people complain about Pheonix’ self revive.

(Szakalot) #8

Its a trade off. Nader gets gibbed by using the ability; rarely gibbing any players herself. Even if she gets a kill, medic can come and nulify her move.

Otherwise; if you see nader you should engage at mid-distance at best, nader rushing you to blow everyone up is a valid strategy.

Its not good to be too close anyways, cause she will spam her grenade launcher; and its really hard to miss at that range : )

(R5on11c) #9

I recently played Nader a bit and the Martyrdom is one of the worst abilities. Not because of the impact, you can raise some mad havok, but because of the way it encourages to play. Having “Dying on the battlefield” as a viable option doesn’t really encourage the player to play in a way that is not really helping solidly in the long run.

(watsyurdeal) #10

It’s not that bad but I keep forgetting she can do that, especially since I HAVE to knife people to finish them quickly.

(DadoPeja) #11

I play Nader and its not easy to kill ppl with Marty also they can gib u fast before marty activates and if u activate marty medic can’t revive u anymore soo i think its balanced… I tryed to w8 few times while i had option to respawn but nobody even comes closer cuz they know :wink: and they gib u anyway. If u even get few kills with it next time they will know for sure to gibb u before they come closer :naughty:

(Viquel) #12

What’s stopping you? If you killed her close enough, you run in and knife her - ability cancels. It’s EXTREMELY hard to time it properly, and you just have to stop if you see the flashing red light and don’t think you can knife her in time.

Only time I really killed something effectively was when they missed the slash and I got to take 3 angry people with me. By now, barely anyone gets martyr’d.

The most use you get out of a dead nader is draining some bullets :disappointed:

(resonantCasserole) #13

I did get a quad kill once with martydrom and triple like 3-4 times so far. But i think its peoples own stupidity. They know you can instakill them and still it takes them forever to gib you. As this proxy… I died to her, she then ran to me. Waited about 3 seconds before she waited 3 seconds before taking the knife out to finish me off.

(Szakalot) #14

yes, people will learn and it won’t work anymore.

very often i see people just charging my body while shooting, I don’t know what they expected, when they got blown to pieces.

(Ardez1) #15

This was a problem in other games for a couple of reason. It could not be countered. You NEVER knew who might have it. It ALWAYS went off.

DB provides all of those things. If that type of ability could work in any game, it is this one.

(Kalbuth) #16

yes, people will learn and it won’t work anymore.

very often i see people just charging my body while shooting, I don’t know what they expected, when they got blown to pieces.[/quote]

Which makes me wonder : why? What does it bring to the game? I don’t see the point in this silly ability

(Lumi) #17

In my humble opinion I think the ability shouldn’t be there, but if we look at it logically, she shouldn’t even be the merc having that ability as she’s carrying ammo for her grenade launcher and those are lac-40’s, they don’t even have a fuse. If someone, then logically Fragger should have this ability.

(LifeupOmega) #18

It’s an awful ability that punishes people for doing what they’re meant to do - that is always a huge no in terms of game design. You shouldn’t be at risk from the person you downed for trying to finish them.

It honestly needs to be removed, it doesn’t add anything fun to the game overall, and I’d much rather Nader had access to a small ammo pack or some other support ability if anything else.

(Szakalot) #19

seriously, you telling me you cant identify the merc you are shooting at? cant tell if its a proxy, nader, fragger or vassili that you are fighting with?

Martyrdom serves as another tactic for nader to employ. She can bully people to keep their distance, as letting her get close is dangerous.

She also serves as a slowdown cause you cant ran past her body and expect to survive.

Are you also going to complain when Phoenix is relased, and gets up after getting downed if you dont gib him fast enough?

(warmChip) #20

It’s an awful ability that punishes people for doing what they’re meant to do - that is always a huge no in terms of game design

Better take out the bushwacker, then because their special punishes attackers for pushing objectives :smiley: Let’s take out all the explosives while we’re at it, they punish us poor players for using teamwork and moving as a group. <3

Martyrdom punishes sleepwalking and slow decision making. You have plenty of time to run. Even more time now.