Mapping Problems


Hello everyone, i do appoligise if this is in the wrong place.
I am hoping someone can help me please.
I have started making a map using GTK Radiant 1.6.6, i have got along way with it, finding help on tutorials etc. However i have made some textures of my own which look good in mapping, but are upside down when i test the map in ET. The other problem i have is a would like a mirror on my map, which i have found a tutorial for and goes well until i have to do the misc _portal_surface as its not listed under misc…can anyone help me with these 2 issues please?
Thankyou in advance

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Hi SL4Y3R01,

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can help you specifically with using GTK Radiant 1.6.6. I’m more familiar with map making for Enemy Territory Quake Wars using the ETQW SDK. I’m currently working on a map called Lighthouse. I just created a new thread today to show some very beginning blockout pictures. I’m looking for help with making maps and could teach you what I have learned so far. It may be helpful to start working with someone on a project as it will make learning faster as well as more fun. Also alot of skills are transferable to other games. Let me know if you’re interested, if not no worries.


Hi Assassin4004
Thankyou for your response, and sorry i am only just answering. Yes i would be very interested :slight_smile:

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Are you free sometime to talk. Join my discord server: