Mapbased Playerskins

(ischbinz) #1

in january 2009 berzerkr of asked to do a little playermodel for him -
he wanted to do a new mod - mapbased playerskins.
after he explained me the main problem - too much remapshaders needed for all models
my brain starts to work - but in this time i was not able to realize the whole stuff :frowning:

but i never forget the idea.
today i m able to do it -
so i did it - i think all problems are solved -
to change all playerskins you just need 1 remapshader for each team -
means 2 for all playerbased models (nah not all - the heads stay same)

you can change the skins for all maps - but you need to add 2 lines in the mapscript:

remapshader models/players/temperate/allied/all_models models/players/temperate/allied/allied_winter

remapshader models/players/temperate/axis/all_models.jpg models/players/temperate/axis/axis_winter.jpg


the skins in the pack are done by berzerkr and sgcarlo - you can see in the readme

the models are the orginal models - just the uvmaps are moved and scaled

the pk3 includes 6 mapscripts:
radar - summer skins
fueldump - winter skins
oasis - desert skins
goldrush - standard skins
railgun - winterskins
tiger_dump - summer skins (map is coming soon)

hope you like the idea - i tested it with et 2.6b and nq 1.2.3 up to 1.2.9
but it should work with all mods

what NOT work -
you cannot use other models than the included - because the uvcoordinates are wrong then,
means you cannot use other helmets or backpacks…

i do not modify any other models than the contained -
i do not change/add any mapscripts
thats is your job :slight_smile:

enjoy it and post your comments here :slight_smile:

download it from :

(Berzerkr) #2

Finally, specific playerskins for each map are possible like it’s already standard in other games.

(Nail) #3

Thanks and +1 to all involved

finally, skins worth using

(acQu) #4

kewl :slight_smile:

Any server where i can play this ?

(UJERebel) #5

Nice work!! looks nice :slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #6

Finally! :slight_smile: Thanks ischbinz.
I was always searching for something like that!

tiger_dump - summer skins (map is coming soon)

Are there yet some screenshots of this map?

(nUllSkillZ) #7

Great news and good work.


Excellent work.

(shagileo) #8

I’d like to give that a try for sure !

(Magic) #9

Wow - great work ischbinz :slight_smile:

Keep on planting those ideas Berzerkr…

(ailmanki) #10

Excellent, thanks you a lot!

(Xterm1n8or) #11

Very cool! Great work! :cool:

(Bonghead) #12

Great idea and all, and nice you made it work, but my first thought is that it’s impossible for a lot of players to tell the difference between axis & allies. A lot of skinpacks have this issue. Maybe make Axis much darker/greyer?

(Magic) #13

All axis skins have trenchcoates.
Havent tested it on a crowdy server tho - as you say - they are a bit like - especially the winter skins.

(Berzerkr) #14

Feel free to use the pk3 ischbinz made as base for your own mod for your server with your own skinsets.
He only showed that it’s possible now to have specific skinsets for each map - the rest is up to you.
Also feel free to add armbands to the classes to make it easier for the players to differ the classes of each team.

(Pegazus) #15

Very nice work! You rock ischbinz. :slight_smile:

(ailmanki) #16

Tested it with, did not work flawlessly.
Somehow it looks for a shader in “model/model/.*” instead of “model/”, though the path is defined everywhere correctly… so that can’t be the issue I guess. Thought about adding a shader for that case… lol.

Also you defined the textures as *.jpg , should be always tga.
With some work it should be easy todo now though … unlike before where there had been lots of different shaders to be replaced.

Have to make some more tests, maybe related to other packs on the server :confused:

(ischbinz) #17

i have a look to the error - hope i find it :wink:

about the jpg - is there such a huge diffrence?
i used it because the size

btw i m working on a little improvement for nq :wink:

(ailmanki) #18

jpg is in my opinion ok.
Though - just to add - if you compare tga with jpg - once it is in the zip compressed - I think the size difference can be ignored.

What I meant is the shader definition. It should be always tga. (Well as jpg did work… I am wondering if that tga thing is so important…)


map models/players/temperate/axis/axis_winter.tga
rgbGen lightingDiffuse

Wanted to make these playerskins long ago already… ^^ … now I haven’t so much time, have to reserve some…

(mortis) #19

wow, nicely done.

(ischbinz) #20

i m working now on some improvements :slight_smile:
if you did some mapscripts and want to share them with others -
post them here plz - then i can add them into the next version