Map sugestion

(edxot) #1

For those who still make maps for etqw (if any) I would like to leave a suggestion.

There was a map for wolfenstein:enemy territory named Citadel which has different from all others I seen. It had no objectives, except for a few MG nests and a couple of barriers. But those were not the map objectives. The main objective was to control 5 spawns spread across the map. The first team to control those 5 spawns would win.

It was not at all suited for lemming style play, and I believe those who prefer etqwpro or infantry maps would have a great time playing it.

Link to description:

(edxot) #2

not sure how easy is to re-use parts of other maps. but if it’s easier than building from scratch, there is plenty of stuff in original maps, that was never seen by most people.

just as example explore slipgate map. from gdf perspective: there is a small building in the left of the main road, after 1st spawn. or in the the last spawn, also in the left, there is an area (where gdf usually place radar) which has some interesting strogg constructions.

(Assassin4004) #3

Hey edxot,

I currently know only three people that are working on maps and their amounts of time to work on these maps are limited. These individuals are Chris., here, and myself.

I’m not sure if this is possible through scripting; however I’m inclined to think it is because there is a capture the flag script. I think the main problem is that all the Vanilla maps are not editable in the map-making software named editWorld, because the SDK did not come with the “.world” files. In addition the custom maps are not editable without the .world file either, unless we could get the “.world” files from the map makers we could definitely use existing maps.

The only way right now possible, is to create new maps from scratch because the map maker would have the “.world” file…

There is a way of modifying text of “mapname.entities” files directly; however, this would be an extremely time consuming job.

I hope all this information helps!


(light_sh4v0r) #4

Actually, there are some prefab bits from the existing maps in the SDK. Not looked at it for ages but I know parts of buildings from refinery are available.

(edxot) #5

well, it was just a suggestion.

everyone who played the map, knows how fun it was, because the strategy for it, omg, it would drive anyone crazy.
nevertheless it had some choke areas, where field ops, soldiers and mostly rifle-grenades would have their fun.
and playing it as an organized team, really required communication, because you needed to defend and attack at same time.
rapers had some difficulties too, because in order to attack that way, you would have to take a longer path, meaning you could lose ground in that process.
and to get the last spawn, was always a problem, with all enemies spawning on the same spot (or a bit further back, not sure anymore). anyway, this was the situation where a disguised cover ops would be the hero (assuming he would manage to bypass the tk line of airstrikes and stuff like that)

(Assassin4004) #6

light_sh4v0r is correct, there are references for sections of each vanilla map; however, not all brushwork is done in the reference .world files. So reconstructing the vanilla maps would be extremely time consuming and not practical.

I have a few .world files for my work-in-progress maps and Santorini, and maybe if you talked to Chris, he may still have the .world files for his custom maps. I believe that it would be possible to do on some custom maps. If you’re interested maybe you and I can try figuring out the scripting that would need to be done; however, my time to work on it is limited so you’d be the primary lead.

(edxot) #7

I don’t have any knowledge about scripting inside etqw maps.

All I can say, is that scripting should be the 1st step. To see if it’s possible. It probably can be done in any editable map (preferably with 5 spawns already).

The number 5 it’s not mandatory at all (of course). In fact, If it was something I could buy in the local store, I would probably ask something like this:

  • Please give me 3 etqw maps.
    1st with size a, with x spawns, for 3v3 teams
    2st with size b, with y spawns, for 6v6 teams
    3st with size c, with z spawns, for 12v12 teams

One can always dream, hahaha