[MAP RELEASE] Dingenskirchen - a tribute

(Magic) #101

Ahh - starting to get old :slight_smile: - forgot to upload the map
Fixed now

(KeMoN) #102

Haha, alright thank you. Updated the release post.

(Mateos) #103

Better waypoints are available from the official Omni-Bot repo on Assembla; bots will care about the Water Pump and protect the Castle objectives, rushing the drop off when anything gets stolen.

(KeMoN) #104

Thank you very much. I’ll post it on the UJE forum as well so they can update the bot waypoints.

(Pedro-NF) #105

For some reason I never got to try the first version of the map, but today I saw the news of the beta 2 version on wolffiles.de and uploaded it to the [>NF<] ET Server for testing. EVERYONE who was online loved the map, and it’s been added to our monster rotation. Congratulations and thanks to all involved in this project!

(KeMoN) #106

Thank you very much for posting.
It means a lot and I’m glad you and your mates enjoyed the map.
If there is anything I can help you with or if you find some bugs, then just post them here. I’m happy to look into it.


(Nail) #107

I fixed his stars for ya

(KeMoN) #108

Hello everyone,

The release is now two months old and we haven’t received any game breaking bug or glitch reports. That is why we decided to release the sources of both versions now. Both versions have been built using NetRadiant, so it might be possible that you encounter problems when loading them into GtkRadiant. Click herefor further information about that issue.

If you decide to work on another version of this map, we would be happy if you would drop us a line here to notify us. We strongly advise you against using the B1 source to build a new map upon. This version has severe flaws which have been fixed in B2.


(wolfETplayer) #109

Wow!Thank you for the source files! Not much map creators are actually releasing them.

(Loffy) #110

thx for sharing

(Magic) #111

Thanks KeMon - give me a link to your fanpage :slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #112

Glad to see interest in the source files. I’m curious to see if people will make something out of it.

Yes, that is too bad really. For example for Legacy it would make things a lot easier. I would be highly interested in the Warbell source to port it as well.
But I also understand why people don’t want to release their sources. You take the risk that someone screws everything over and transforms your map into a supergoldrush clone.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a fanpage Magic, only the modDB profile :frowning:
I need me one of those nice sites like the one you have. :smiley:

(stealth6) #113

I messaged McNite once and got a reply back with the source for the waterfall in Warbell, so maybe he’s still reachable. This was back in 2008 though…

(KeMoN) #114

I tried registering at his clan’s forum and sending him a PM some years ago, but no success.
But giving you the waterfall source at least means that he is partially willing to release his source. Maybe there is hope^^

(Michie) #115

Has someone omni bot files for dingenskrichen b2?

(KeMoN) #116

Hi there,
thanks for the interest in this map.
A few posts above you can find a post by @Mateos with omnibot files.

Please let us know, if there should be problems with them.
Hope you enjoy playing DIngenskirchen.