(ASD) #1


can you at some point start to fix the servers? its not fun to always get the fake maintenance message over and over again… since weeeeeeeeks now!


(jemstar) #2

I second this, it’s been happening upto 5 times a night. 3 times in the last 2.5hrs.

Please tweek or whatever needs to be done!

(gpitts) #3

Additionally, I’ve been in-game on several occasions where the game literally freezes for ~15 seconds and then magically comes back to life. Not just for me - everyone in the game!

This game is quickly becoming unplayable. :anguished:

(jemstar) #4

Been 2 hours and still down, I can only conclude that Ember and Agency are being added!

Can’t wait!

(Mc1412013) #5

I hope figure out how to permantly fix it and not use this as an excuse to shut the game down.

(jemstar) #6

I was thinking that!

(jemstar) #7

Back after 12 hrs!

Apparently the cleaner unplugged the server to use the outlet for the vacum and didn’t plug it back in afterwards??

(Mc1412013) #8

Lol we tagged @geekybaking on redit and they got it fixed .

(jemstar) #9

Tag them again its down again!

(ASD) #10

and again!
is there a chance to somehow fix it for more then hours/days???

(ASD) #11

and maybe you can give us some details on whats going on? is the server just dieing or does noone pay the power bill? i think alot of the server admins who run the community servers are happy to spend some additional fee to rent/buy some new masterserver/gasoline for the generator so we can continue to play

(Poldy040) #12

And again on saturday! Really great during the lock down… :stuck_out_tongue:

(ASD) #13

and again

are you @SD realy working on emtying the servers so you can finaly say “noone plays it” we can shutdown everything???

(Mc1412013) #14

Na i think the server needs to be refreshed. I think things are getting corupted and needs to be reinstalled. Unfortunately no devs are allowed to do proper maintenance

(jemstar) #15

I hope not, the dedicated players deserve more than that!!

(fzl) #16

and today now 4 hours the same…gg sd

(Hugorix) #17

Ptin moi qui voulais vraiment rejouer à cette pépite après 2 ans d’arrêt ça me pète les couilles …

(Yojoko) #18

Still nothing…

(fzl) #19

sunday prime time 19cet and maintenance…are you stupid?

■■■■ this game

(Mc1412013) #20

Its not maintenance the server keeps crapping out