(ASD) #21

FU fake Maintenance message!

(DrD3ath) #22

New Years Eve 2020 and no one is able to play.
When Brinbk turned out to be a disaster SD asked people to fund their next game, Dirty Bomb.
Now they can’t be bothered to keep the Dirty Bomb master server going.
No reply from anyone from SD in this thread.
You don’t deserve your loyal following.
Do you need us to chip in to pay for a box that will competently run the master server? Are you that short of a couple of thousand pounds that you cannot rectify this?
Make a reply to this thread or ■■■■ off Splash Damage.

(HardstylerJosh) #23

Imagine if someone picked up DB again (2021 pls), my name jeff

(senilityiscool2) #24

So, I hit level 1000 back in July and officially retired from gaming. 2020 is what it is, I got bored out of my mind and started DB again. Lots of players still. Awesome! What is this maintenance alert we keep seeing? Fast forward to the last weekend of the year. Lots of fun activities planned with all of the parties happening (not), so a Dirty Bomb New Year’s Eve looked like fun. We have been locked out of the game since, so my mind started running rampant.

Is DB gone for good? Did someone fall asleep at the wheel and stop monitoring social media? :rofl: Or is it something as simple as a master server needing reset? C’mon SD, fix this or at least tell us what’s going on. FFS…

(alphabeta) #25

DB some of us have paid for servers well into 2021. Don’t rob of us of our loyalty AND our money.

(Mc1412013) #26

What sucks about that is were probably going onto 4-5 days with no compensation for not being able to use what we paid for

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(jemstar) #28

Thanks to your optimism Jeff and people like you, we have gotten together a consortium of rich people and have been working tirelessly on DB2.0! Unfortunately to implement the update 4+ days of maintenance mode has been necessary. Trust me, when the maintenance mode is lifted, what you will find will have been worth the inconvenience!

New Maps!
New Mercs!
New Look!


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(rotzleffi) #30

Sarcasm? Or what you wanna say … DB2.0 coming? Who are these guys?

(jemstar) #31

More hope than sarcasm…it’s good to dream!

(jemstar) #32

Its Back!

(rotzleffi) #33

Cool … DB 2.0 is online :slight_smile:

(DrD3ath) #34

And still yet no reply from anyone at SD. Way to go…

(ASD) #35

can we at some point start to fix the problems?

(Mc1412013) #36

Im assuming the answer is no. The amount of complaining on this forum and reddit should have got something done but all they do is reboot and go back on lunch break

(jemstar) #37

I wish they would reboot right now! The maintenance bug is back!

(Poldy040) #38

And again for some hours no login server reachable… Maybe they are working on a hotfix for DB 2.0!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::lying_face:

(rotzleffi) #39

And again working on db 2.0 :slight_smile: … hope maintenance is over soon

(ASD) #40

whats with this 21:00 CET Maintenance? cant this be at some other time??? lets say 5AM?