[Mac] Unable to run Enemy Territory: Quake Wars via WINE

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I am doings some compatibility tests with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars which is a FPS released in 2007. The game natively ported to Mac by Aspyr and I have that version which natively runs on Mac just fine. However, I need to run the Windows version of the game to do conduct compatibility tests. As it is an id Tech 4 game (aka Doom 3 engine) which uses OpenGL, I expected it to run on Mac via WINE just fine but it didn’t. I tried to run the game with WINE bu using PlayOnMac and CrossOver. As far as I know, latest available WINE version for Mac is v2.0 which is offered by POM by default. I even tried v3.16 by managing WINE versions via POM, no difference. CrossOver made no difference either.


Game’s external console shows following error:

ERROR: The current video card / driver combination does not support the necessary features: GL_EXT_texture3D



As far as I understand my system lacks that particular OpenGL extension which is merged with core GL many years ago on Mac OS X. So, the function of the extension exists but not itself. As I checked the console of native version of ETQW, that extension isn’t even checked but the game runs just fine:



I tried Quake 4 demo and Prey (2006) demo via WINE on Mac; both of them worked just fine despite the fact console showing the same lack of OpenGL extension info:

X…GL_EXT_texture3D not found

Moreover, I vaguely remember that I was able to run ETQW via WINE on a Macbook Pro last year. Considering that my current installation is a Hackintosh on a PC laptop with integrated Intel GPU, I am still not so sure if it is my system or macOS in general. Can a Mac user try to run ETQW demo via WINE, please? Thank you!

ETQW Windows Demo:

Prey Windows Demo:

Prey Mac Demo:

Addendum: My macOS version is High Sierra. Windows version of ETQW requires DirectX 9 (d3dx9) and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 (vcrun2005) to run.

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hhmmmm, trying to run a windows game on a windows emulator on a mac emulator on a pc, I’d try updating graphics drivers

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Hackintosh is not an emulator, it’s not even a translation layer. For all intends and purposes it’s a hack that runs an OS on an unsupported hardware. I am aware it sounds like drivers issue (which it is in fact) but it’s a bit complicated than that. I checked user ratings and reports on CrossOver’s (premium WINE fork for Mac and Linux) website, same result. A legacy OpenGL extension which is still available for Windows and Linux was merged with core GL on Mac, so Windows version cannot detect it and fails to launch as a result…

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I understand hackintosh, it was an attempt at humour before stating the obvious

talked to a buddy, he says there’s difficulty with the integrated gpu but there’s workarounds. I’d start with wine and intel gpu

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Yeah, I vaguely remember being able to run ETQW on a Macbook Pro via WINE but I am not certain about that. My current Hackintosh setup uses an integrated Intel GPU. Though, even Hackintosh is fully capable of running native ETQW without any issues.