Looking for interesting trades

(ThePigVomit) #1

I just like to trade stuff. It’s fun. Though I don’t particularly use snipers or shotguns, so they won’t really pique my interest.

If you wish to direct trade me that is


if you just want to look at my inventory


If I like it, I’ll accept, if it’s close, i’ll counter…


(CO_Grit) #2

Oh hey. I traded with you before. I sent you an offer.

Edit: And another done deal. Thanks!

(DB Genome editor) #3

You have several skins I’m looking for at the moment:

  • Alice - Troika (Bronze) Stark
  • Aquila - Legion (Silver) M9
  • CoreSEC - Defender (Gold) Selbstadt
  • CoreSEC - Titanium (Silver) MK46
  • KMA - Prototype (Silver) DE.50
  • Royal Force - Imperial Fade (Silver) Caulden
  • Royal Force - Imperial Fade (Silver) KEK-10
  • Royal Force - Blood Red (Bronze) Ahnuhld-12

I’m looking for specific skins first, quality is secondary as long as the trade is fair. But I’m not sure what to offer in return since you did not mention any specific interests… Please have a look at what I have up for trade and let me know if I have anything you’d be willing to trade for one or more of the above: My wish list