Long time no see

(nUllSkillZ) #1

Seems my last forum entry is from November 2012.
Feels good to be back home.

Are any veterans still active here?

Last weekend I’ve reinstalled the game.

It’s running but without sound (Debian Linux).

I’ve had a look at ET: Legacy but could not install it properly.

There aren’t that much server left.


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(Nail) #2

couple of us still hangin about

(WolfWatch) #3

Still here ^^

(RayBan) #4

Still around, I like to come see all the new posts when I can.


Popping in from time to time
Installed ETQW a month ago after finding my old auto exec on a thumb drive. Wolfenstein next

(KeMoN) #6

It’s certainly good to see old-schoolers lurk around from time to time!

(rorgoroth) #7

I’m still lurking here too but hate these new forums, such a pain in the butt to use. Still active on my clans forums but I haven’t played the game in just over two years now.

With work and other stuff I don’t have much time, don’t even have a computer (or console) any more to game on. Still love this game though, best game I’ve ever played which is why I played it daily for over ten years.