Let people choose their own teams in public objective?

(TheVulpesFox) #21

To be honest I am not bothered by this. It is fun to both play with and against your friends.

(Xyfurion) #22

If people chose their own teams, things would be more unbalanced than ever. I went into a match that had two very high levels (37 and 41) and everyone else was sub level 25. One of these guys was FL!YING SCROTUM. The MM tried to balance the teams. The two guys were friend and one told the other to get on his team. The dude did and proceeded to stomp on everyone the entire match as well as spamming chat.

Personally I think It’s fun to play with and against your friends especially if you are voice calling them.

(LifeupOmega) #23

Option C: Funnel everyone into MM, split team/solo queue, eventually leading to better matches which you can play alongside friends.

(sgtCrookyGrin) #24


(sgtCrookyGrin) #25

*Option D

(TheFoolArcana) #26

Another thing: Missions.
Sometimes, getting gamemode exp is faster than Execution
Combat and Support EXP is faster than Execution.

(RedBeard) #27

It would be better than the attempt at balance currently in place.

(SamillWong) #28

Doesn’t that just intensifies the pub stomp situation?

(inscrutableShow) #29

That would just make the already crummy pub situation worse. People being able to choose their own teams would result in people taking forever to choose. Plus, you said “Self-police.” Haha. Let us cast our minds back to the things known as “Vote Kick” and “Vote Shuffle” and let us think about how those things completely screw up gameplay when some whiny 8 year old decides he doesn’t like the way the match is going, or the arrogant level 4 that thinks that you’re useless because you’re Vassili, even though you’re on top of the board and he’s on the bottom. Then let us think about how much worse that would be if people could choose teams from the beginning. What needs to happen is for the devs to replace the stupid AI that chooses teams with a smarter AI, not for the devs to give that role into the still stupider hands of the players.

(Exavidos) #30

I currently don’t know what’s gonna happen with the Server browser after the release the of casual matchmaking but even if you can’t change your team it would be good that you can see your team or atleast pick loadout for offense and defense. For example I have always one medic and one engineer with me. So I have one free slot for other merc. So if I now play Bridge I would pick Nader on Offense but Skyhammer on defense. Currently it is a 50/50 gamble. (OK, there is a chance that I will be able to change the team ingame, but I hardly do that if there is no real stomp)

(Dr_Plantboss) #31

FOR G*D’S SAKE NO! Do you WANT team stackers? This would just create an even bigger issue. (Not that there aren’t already team stackers, but…)

(daringLoan) #32

Yes please, it’s insane not to let us play with our friends and actually try to play strategic!

(Dr_Plantboss) #33

If you want to play with friends and be strategic, play ranked! That’s what it’s for!

(Indefinite) #34

There are few things worse than jacka**es writing polls to fit the tone of their pretentious narrow-minded beliefs. Might as well have included something about Natzis or Fascism in the second option.

I’m for premaking in pub matches, but team stacking is garbage and this poll is super garbage.

(bgyoshi) #35

Haaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaahahhahhhaaahahahahahhahahaahaa grudgingly play Stopwatch yeah sure

I’ve been cancelling literally every single Stopwatch mission I get since August 2015 WITH THE SOLE EXCEPTION of last year’s Christmas event because SW was great for grinding play time.

(OwynTyler) #36

This game seriously needs a queue to match-up people (casual-thingy)

(Dr_Plantboss) #37

If CMM is introduced, here’s what I think could happen to parties:
Parties are given 2 options:

  • Allow team splitting (on by default)
  • Always on same team

“Always on same team” should still try to put you into a balanced match, which could take longer. There should probably a disclaimer on that.

(fistoftheaxis) #38

Any team based shooter must not have an option that isn’t auto join. If you and your friend want to be placed on the same team consistently, queue ranked instead. You are ruining the game for everyone else by causing an imbalance.

If you spectate in order to switch you force a team to play a man down. If you queue together to join a game that is already in progress you force the other team to play with a man down.

This is common courtesy on online multiplayer games. People who do not understand this either refuse to or are incapable of seeing past their own noses. One makes them an asshole the other makes them an idiot.

(Dr_Plantboss) #39

@fistoftheaxis said:
Any team based shooter must not have an option that isn’t auto join. If you and your friend want to be placed on the same team consistently, queue ranked instead. You are ruining the game for everyone else by causing an imbalance.

Not if you are good player and decide to play on the same team as me!

(XavienX) #40

Oh my, I saw people in the poll who I haven’t seen in a while, thinking they’re back and it turns out this thread is from almost 2 years ago. But I mean I don’t see a reason why to close this thread not necessarily due to the date it started.