Leaning in Wolf:ET

(Eggsarny) #1

Played a mod of ET last year and there was leaning left and right. Out of curiosity, when was this introduced?

(KeMoN) #2

2003 with the game’s release.
If you are talking about the thirdperson animation of players leaning then this was introduced first in NoQuarter and later introduced in ET: Legacy as well.

The reason being that players leaning from behind a corner are seeing things that are behind that corner, yet players that are behind said corner don’t see the player, which is the literal definition of a wallhack. Therefore, thirdperson leaning animation has been introduced.

(ronboy) #3

@KeMoN is correct. The leaning function in Wolf ET was taken from Rtcw, thus both SP and MP modes of the game allow a player to lean without the foes seeing them. However, at least in SP mode, the player can still take damage if bullets/projectiles are being fired while the player leans.

(Thc Ma K34ry Rbkmg) #4

Back in the days YouTube: Self Concept Wolfenstein ET