Krefeld Battlground - ET LAN next week

(chosen) #1

Hey there,

There will be lots of ET to follow next week when legends and community meets in Krefeld, Germany at TaKeTV venue from Friday all day to Sunday.

[li]Where? Take TV Venue in Krefeld[/li][li]When? From Friday, May 19th 10.00 CEST to Sunday, May 21st 20.00 CEST[/li][li]What? 6on6 tournament with 10 teams and 3on3 tournament with 12 teams[/li][li]Prizes? ~3.000 Euro[/li][li]Who? Tournament staff: Germany chosen, Germany stRay, Sweden Ekto, Netherlands Sebhes[/li][li]More information about the event[/li][/ul]

There will be ETTV and Livestreams: One community stream from onsite and Merlinator from his home.

Check for matches, for coverage go to and

If you decide to visit: There is no entrance fee and we welcome any visitor :slight_smile:
PM me if u have any questions

Ps. Bani, give us etpro source code :c

(KeMoN) #2

That’s really cool! I’ll be sure to mark it in my calendar and watch your streams! :slight_smile:
Will the community stream be on Twitch and will there be a shoutcaster?


(ryven) #3

Yes Merlinator it is

(Nerwitz) #4

Will check that out bud, TOURNAMENT on ET, must watch :penguin:

(KeMoN) #5

Alright, I posted it on the ET: Legacy Facebook and Twitter. I’m really looking forward to the stream and I hope everyone involved has a lot of fun!
Maybe in the future we could have a cup organized with ET: Legacy? :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you want us to help out a bit more, getting the news out for example, don’t hesitate to contact me. ET: Legacy user or not, I think we can all enjoy such a wonderful community event.

Cheers and good luck to all the enlisted players!