Just a friendly reminder - don't kick bad players in PUBs

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #21

I’m just messing around with him lol. I dislike Proxy and have no problem with Sparks.

(Press E) #22

She didn’t type in chat at all actually. Plus she’s from finland, I decided to play on a london server to give her the better ping since she’s new (I’m from western canada), so if anything I was the high pinger lol, and yet I was still topscoring by around 5k XP.

It’s alright if you don’t believe me, but I wouldn’t be posting this if my friend had genuinely deserved a kick, there just wouldn’t be a point lol. I had been watching her closely for most of the matches trying to keep her healed and whatnot so I saw pretty much everything she did. She was pretty bad in combat, had trouble judging when to fight or flee and whatnot, and was a bit slow to notice a downed teammate or someone who needed ammo sometimes, so I can totally understand why it might have been frustrating to have her as a teammate and why they felt the need to kick her. But obviously that still doesn’t deserve a vote kick in a totally casual server.

I probably just got unlucky with some salty teammates. I’ve been in a lot of servers with some pretty bad players and kicks for them are pretty rare, but they still do happen, which is why I decided to post this.

Eox’s survey probably still stands too. The only differences I’ve seen lately are the salty veterans who comment “dead game” on every DB youtube video. Thinking about it though, it would be nice to get some perspectives from new players instead of just the bored veterans that use the forums.

(AlbinMatt) #23

That would require poking our heads into Steam, and I have not seen anything too promising there in regards to respondents. Mostly just memelords cooking up spicy keks or lewd artists straight out of the Devil’s Den of DeviantArt.

(Press E) #24

Steam isn’t that great either. The people who had really bad experiences with toxicity in their first match, enough to make them leave, naturally won’t be there to comment on it.
Plus last I checked the steam forums mostly had moderate to high experience players on it, so that’s not super accurate.

(Eox) #25

No need to bring back that survey.


People try and vote-kick me all the time. I can’t imagine why, because I probably wasn’t playing Proxy… :thinking:

(AlbinMatt) #27

Nah, I’m not going to cast necromancy on the thread, just saying it might be worth checking into again, what with the recent dip in population.

Also, when the hell did Kira get that Oreo? Last I saw you, Toasty Meatballs was enjoying choco balls.

(D'@athi) #28

To be honest, with this amount of useless players in my teams the last weeks, I 'm easily able to understand people getting furious. It hits me more often than I’d wish for, too.
People walking around, not getting, that they’re shot at, probably using a controller, simply wtf. Someone has to tell them, they probably are playing the wrong game.
And yes, there are two kinds of players, those who rtfm/look at the keymap/settings, and those who need diapers.

Just gonna leave this here…

(Your worst knifemare.) #29

I had 3/5 votes to kick me once just because some guy didnt like me.

(Press E) #30

Saying things like “yo aura, medstations don’t stack, spread them out” or “direct hits with ammo packs reduce your teammate’s ability cooldown” can help out a lot. It’s how I learned your teammates get more HP when you charge your defibs more. But “telling someone they’re playing wrong” by votekicking them literally doesn’t help anything.

You can’t complain about bad players if you never give them a chance to learn from their mistakes and improve. And eventually they will. Kicking someone who isn’t charging their defibs enough isn’t going to change their mind, it’s more likely to make them think “wow, this community is toxic, I’m going back to some other game”.

Again, it’s a public match, which will naturally be filled with people like my friend, who aren’t used to knowing exactly what button to press in the heat of battle despite knowing what the buttons do.

TL;DR, I can see why new players can be frustrating, but kicking someone who just wants to practice and learn to git gud is inexcusable, especially now that we have servers to avoid them. I doubt you were perfect at the first FPS game you played either.

(bgyoshi) #31


I pick classes I feel like playing and then play them, regardless of what the team has or doesn’t have

I never use a mic

I keep voice chat muted

I never interact with the team

I shoot things in my way and play my role

It works great because:

  • I never expect to win

  • I don’t care if we lose

  • I only rate my personal performance

  • I never have to hear trolls

  • I’m never disappointed by bad players

It makes the game fun again, I highly recommend everyone do the same

(hawkeyeguy99) #32

It is for this very reason that I think it would be a good thing to see teammate’s levels. There’s no indicator anymore for me to be able to tell if someone is griefing, being a dick, or just a new player who doesn’t know how to drop ammo yet. There should be something to indicate level amongst your teammates simply for the purpose of being able to understand and give new players grace for not being pros yet.

(Press E) #33

Idk, I’ve let people play on my account before and all, so even a high level player playing poorly isn’t necessarily because they’re griefing.
As long as someone is actually trying to play, then it doesn’t really matter how bad they are if they’re playing on a pub.

I do want levels back for a lot of reasons, but there really isn’t much of an excuse for trying to kick someone who’s trying their best whether you can see your level or not. It’s pretty easy to tell if a player is experienced and genuinely doesn’t want to give ammo, vs a new player who doesn’t know any better.

(Mc1412013) #34

Theres a difference between noob and a useless. You kick useless not noobs.

I dont mind noobs if there trying and taking the advice of us seasoned players and trying to contribute. Where as ill kick a level one if half the team is on the mic yelling at the player to drop ammo,revive,health packs ect and or decides to run around the first spawn with no clue what wasd is while we half way across map

(Press E) #35

Who cares in a pub though. Just let them figure it out for themselves. Not like muting voice chat is a common practice when playing a multiplayer game too

(kittz0r) #36

You mean Community Servers where Players think that Teamdamage on is a Bug and call you idiot when you try to explain to them?

Yea Commnity arent any better

(K1X455) #37

What you should have done is bring your friend to an empty server and coach him there.

This is really SD’s fault. Running the FNGs with the seasoned players in the hope that FNG will pick up the game real fast. They don’t.

Just today, I saw this new guy playing Fletcher. He’s shooting almost every enemy he comes across but he doesn’t realise what his role in the team is. When I asked if he knows what to do, he said “I throw grenades that explode”… so I explained to him that he should plant the bomb. He realised too late. Rage quitters left the match.

(K1X455) #38

I got 4/5 votes because I was top scorer with 340ms ping in Amsterdam… and I’m not even playing medic yet.

(bgyoshi) #39

Yes those ones, where you can expect some level of competence and then kick people who don’t show that level of competence

(Jigstraw) #40

I’ve only attempted to kick AFKers, people that are constantly shit-talking their own team in voice chat, and people who blast music at max volume on an open mic that probably cost $3 through speakers that probably cost $10

fuck your music buddy i need audio cues to know what’s going on in game and if i’m about to get flanked or if arty/skyhammer just called in an airstrike i can’t see or if there’s a rhino spinning his minigun around the next corner. lol