Just a friendly reminder - don't kick bad players in PUBs

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I have a friend with very minimal FPS experience, but she wanted to try Dirty Bomb with me. Two vote kicks called against her in the 3 stopwatch matches we played, for trying her absolute best. One person backed off after I said they were a new player, but the other one kept trying until I told them if they kicked her, I’d stop carrying and leave too.

It wasn’t anyone here, but come on, really? I get bad teammates can be frustrating, but we have community servers now if you only want to play with experienced players, who cares about pubs. And it’s not like they were playing vassili either, it was skyhammer and aura. Still healing and giving ammo, just more slowly since they’re not used to the controls.
I see so many people complaining about DB’s low population. And well, kicking players who are trying to get into the game doesn’t help. I was terrible too when I started, I bet a lot of people here were, and now here I am with 1,300+ hours, having shown DB to several people who otherwise would have never touched it.
This isn’t really directed at anyone, it’s just a reminder to save your vote kicks for afk and toxic players on pubs, okay?


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All the more reason to reroll the xp system and display them again.

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I do want levels back, but sadly I doubt it would really help. This is hardly the first time I’ve seen votes for new players, I’ve seen a lot when levels were a thing too.
And honestly I’m pretty sure that one guy who changed his mind about kicking my friend when they learned she was new, was more of a fluke. If it walks and talks like a new player, then it’s probably a new player after all. And it doesn’t really change whether you should kick them or not either.

I don’t think there’s much SD could practically do to help, it’s just a toxic part of the community

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They could make recons unlock only after level 30 or so.

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Would be nice, but still, 2 vote kicks in 3 matches is really bad when my friend has never touched a recon, even if I probably just got unlucky and happened to join a bunch of overly salty servers.

Besides, a new player in a public match doesn’t necessarily deserve a kick just for trying out recon. If they suck ass at vassili, eventually they’ll just realize they made a mistake and try out another merc on their own. Kicking them doesn’t help. Vassili was one of the first mercs I bought, and it only took me a couple of bad matches before I realized I need more experience before I touch him again.
What does deserve a kick on the other hand, is refusal to switch in a more competitive server, like a community server, or toxic behavior.

Yeah SD can do a bit to scare new players away from new mercs, at most I’d try giving each merc a “suggested skill level” or something and bump the cost of more challenging mercs, but it’s still more of a community mindset problem than anything. When a new player gets kicked from a public match for just trying to learn to play aura, the blame isn’t on SD.

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Strange, I’ve rarely seen votekicks against apparently yet inexperienced Auras and Skyhammers. Maybe this is a US thing?

I did see (and also initiate) votekicks against Skyhammers that never threw any ammo package despite being asked several times to “Player xxx, please drop ammo for your team mates -> press E”.

With the current tutorial and the assault course there really is no reason not knowing how to drop ammo. And if you lack the English comprehension skills to understand “press E” you really should not play multi player FPSes outside the inner circle of your closest friends.

With Aura it’s a bit different though because even the old tutorial has been pretty bad at explaining the basics, and the new one AFAIR does not cover them at all. Although I also can understand that people get riled up lying on the floor 3 meters from an Aura that ignores them for 10 seconds, then desperately tries to figure out how to switch to her defibs for another 5 seconds. Eventually she either gets shot or she tap revives you with minimal health so you get shot and long spawned a few seconds later.

This IMO is a “toxic by design” decision on behalf of SD.

But I presume you told your friend the very basics so scenarios like the above are unlike to have been occurred.

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I would suggest doing the traningcourse for practice the controls
then go to some empty servers (there are alot) to learn some basics about the maps

I know this is hard but you understand the frustration if you counting on teammates and they dont have no idea about anything…


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This is why you go find community servers with a level requirement if you don’t want to play with new players. There’s no excuse anymore lol

I pretty much ignore all kick votes on players. Unless they’re being a jerk in chat, the system is triggering an afk vote, or I can see from death cams that they’re afk, I won’t kick.

I said it once I’ll say it again; if you’re trying to win in pubs, you’re in the wrong server and the wrong game. Play ranked or play a comp-focused community server if you care that much.


Indeed. One can’t improve at the game if they are not given the chance to do so.

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Wrong thread? Nobody was talking about winning.

It’s about having players of different skills coexist on the same server peacefully and having a good time - without being toxic, but also without being ignorant and brain dead when it comes to finding your role in the team.

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the argument that the game is casual and therefore people shouldn’t play to win/vote kick can be just as easily reversed. New players should recognize its casual and not get bothered when they get kicked. Its casual, people get kicked sometimes.

Not that I’d ever votekick someone myself, unless I see them trolling

There are also max level servers for those who do not want to play with the big boys.

Sadly, in a 6v6 game, having a new player on your team basically makes it 5v6. Dirty bomb gameplay suffers very very badly from non-symmetrical team numbers.

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They have done the tutorials, and I’m planning on showing them some tips with aura in an empty server when they have the time, but still. They’re just not used to PVP FPS games, they just need practice to get used to the game.
Even worse that both the matches people tried to kick her on, I was on the same team playing Aura trying to support her, while also absolutely carrying the team. It wasn’t like no one was getting heals or revives.

Regardless, I get the frustration, I’ve been there myself, but there’s no excusable reason to kick a new player from a standard public server just on the pretense that they’re bad.

That doesn’t really make sense though. Casual matches are just for fun. It’s not about just not caring, it’s about trying to enjoy the game and get better at it, whether you win or lose, as opposed to a more competitive server, which would be strip out the bad players and win at all costs. And it’s by no means an argument that new players should be kicked from public servers.

And well, max level servers aren’t an option when a friend specifically wants to play with you, a level 400 player.

Having a new player really isn’t as bad as you think either. It’s not the same as being down a person, they were still healing, giving ammo, doing the basics of DB, etc. And it wasn’t like everyone in those servers was pro either. The other team had plenty of pretty bad players, plus I was carrying the team as aura trying to protect my friend, which was a lot more than the rest of my team was doing.
Her team won 2 out of the 3 matches we played as well, and the 3rd was pretty close.

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Huh, looks like someone was mentioning winning, to me.

Unfortunately, no, it can’t be in this situation. Evidenced by literally the first thing you said after this sentence being inherently false in all regards

Oh sorry, I forgot that the -casual- mode is the one where newbies and bad players get kicked, NOT the -competitive- mode.

Actually that was pure sarcasm. Casual is literally to play without worry of team skill, so you can play, CASUALLY, to have fun and improve in a setting that isn’t (shouldn’t be) judged on your personal skill.

Yep and if your buddy is a big boy and you wanna play with the big boy, then you aren’t going to go to a newbie player server. And as a newb, you’re locked out of the big-boy-only servers, meaning anything you join is meant for all players, unrestricted. The burden of effort is on the person that’s annoyed by the other players. If you kick newbs, you shouldn’t be playing on servers that allow newbs. Period. If you don’t want to be kicked, you shouldn’t be playing competitive modes or competitive servers. The person is not playing a competitive mode and not playing on a competitive server. The expectation that they won’t be kicked is perfectly reasonable.

(Szakalot) #14

I don’t know of a single online FPS with a votekick option in which people do not get votekicked.

In casual ANYONE can get kicked. Or you get 15 shuffles in a row. Or half the server suddenly leaves. Casually is pure chaos, and some of that chaos will spill into people getting kicked. I’m not advocating for kicking people cause they are bad, cause then we’d have to kick 95% of all players from all servers.

Its just not that big a deal.

One thing we can definitely agree on is that casual should be fun. Playing a lost game cause you got unlucky with a bunch of newbies can be unfun. If you cannot recognize this frustration, you will not manage to convince anyone.

Again, I do not kick people for sucking ass myself.

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Of course it happens sometimes, but that’s why I’m posting this. To remind the people that do try to kick new players in public matches, that they’re directly contributing to the death of the game.

No, those attempted kicks didn’t ruin my friend’s view of the game, but being commonplace doesn’t excuse them

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The only time people should be kicked are:

  1. Afk
  2. Toxic
  3. Playing Proxy


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Or Sparks, oo got em.

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Your jokes too old and used.

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Anytime you tell someone not to play something… I’ll be there…

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@Lord_Coctus @MuddyGrenade You both need to clam down and make peace. Else, I’ll lock both of you in a room full of Sparks and Proxies.

We’re still getting one side of the story here, though I doubt we can get Star’s teammates and questions them now. I doubt your friend was being toxic, otherwise you would have made a mention of it, and you’ve cleared up that she is indeed new to the team, so the last thing I can think of is that she may be a high pinger or your particular batch of teammates were just a pissy bunch

I play quite awfully, imo, even afte hundreds of hours, but I’ve never been kicked other than when I would afk in panic because my stove was on or it was raining with my laundry outside. Maybe I’ve just been lucky for so long to have never met anyone too toxic.

I think @Eox once had a survey about toxicity a while back. Do you think it’s time to update it?